June 23, 2010


A feeling of ‘new-ness’ all around me, and sometimes I cannot decipher whether it makes me happy or otherwise.

It has been around two months that I have shifted base (quite literally) over to Gurgaon, Haryana, and am still not accustomed with the changes it has brought.

• Joined work. Check.

• Got my second, first paycheck. Check.

• Met new people. Check.

• Visited relatives. Check.

• Started to eat dabba food. Check.

• Travelled in the almost non-existent public transport. Check.

• Refreshed my i pod with more Tamil music. Check.

• Strengthened my belief in Global Warming. Double check.

• Pizza became a staple diet. Check.

• Discovered that I have more evil people to meet in this lifetime. Check.

• Made makemytrip.com my home page at work. Check.

• DSLR remained untouched over the past two months. Regrettably, check.

• Slept on the same sheets for like forever. Check.

Have been numb to most emotions, feeling nothing during my time at work, apart from the occasional light moments within our little conference room. I have also begin to understand why everyone in Kolkata has an opinion about Delhi and it’s people, even though they might have never visited the state. I have figured out that it is not out of unkindness that the warning is given, simply that there are just too many differences between the places, and it is impossible to be in love with both cities, their paces, people and spirits.

Coming to more important happenings; FIFA 2010 is the event I have been anxiously awaiting ever since the last one had ended. I am not even close to matching my loyalties for it. Out of three, I get to watch only one match, and have to update my excel sheet with help from google. The aunty at my PG would rather watch Balika Vadhu and Indian Idol #Umpteen, rather than let me watch the mother of all games, the hugest event in the year! The only activity that I do around it is send releases about what a particular news channel does any reporting of it! Have been very put down by it, and the weather is not helping either.

The weather in this part of the world. A happening which the more I discuss confounds me. It has been an average of 46 degree Celsius all of this week, during monsoon season. Meanwhile, there have been tropical cyclones in the Middle East and published photographs which look like the ‘Twister’ in Oman. Mother nature is seriously PMSing, and I don’t blame her for it.

It has been more than a month that Ma left as well. I find myself every night in one room with two other people, and bumping into them all over the place. Strongly reminds me of the labourers in Muscat who work for construction companies, and live like cattle.

I remember I was told through my childhood that once you get done with school, you’ll miss it. Such thoughts come back to me almost everyday.

Talking about Muscatm, here are some images of the cyclone Phet which recently shook my beloved city. The location of the submerged cars, is just a 5 minute walking distance from home. Also, LuLu Centre in Darsait can be seen in the background. Have never seen anything like this in over 17 years!

Finger of God, eh?


0 thoughts on “Contemplations

  1. Watched an absolutely wretched movie in a theater and laughed a lot. Check 😛
    Visited ppl who never change their bedsheets. Check.
    Contributed to the economy of cabs on call. Check.
    Stayed in a ball of dust. Check.

  2. @ Naween Bhaiya: Like totally! The cab bit HAD to make it =D I don't know how I missed it.

    But the nonsense movie was rather fun, must do one more, soon, nahi??

    Cleaned up two homes in two consecutive weeks, and one person in particular got it back to original state in just 5 days. Check!!

    @ Bhardwaj: Yeah dude, almost looks like that trashy movie 2012!

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