June 20, 2011


Over the past two weekends, I have taken to quarantining myself to the house and doing absolutely nothing. A huge portion of the activity is attributed to the overbearing summers which are simply not in the mood to go away.

Hence the Saturdays and the Sundays are spent in the confines of the single air conditioned room reading, catching up on sleep or watching movies/series on the laptop (Since the television is currently non-functional, Gah!).

Most of these moments have also been alone time, with no one else at home, so I could pretty much do anything, wear anything, eat anything etcetera. Lately, I have also taken very seriously to war movies. LOTR has always been the point of reference, but last weekend I watched Troy (For the first time) and brushed up on 300 (The first time I saw it was during one of the ‘Screening’ sessions in college- probably the only one class wherein I was awake).

Now, I have always believed that I do not belong to this age. Very deep thought for a Monday morning, I understand but I honestly have faith in it. I believe in and pursue morals which are long-lost and sometimes, find myself isolated from the philosophy of the generation Y, as we know it. Most of the time, I know that this is an unfailing formula for self destruction and alienation, but pretending to be anything else would only split me in two. So, contrary to the principle of ‘Save thyself’, I plunge deeper into the fathoms of believing that trust, honestly, friendship, family, love exist in their most pristine self. I trip, stumble, fall, get bruised often but the path is unwavering and the mind is resolute.

Revisiting the context in which this was begun, I feel much emotionally involved with the Neanderthal times. The times of the ancient kingdoms, when honour was set above anything, people would think twice before uttering a lie, love meant real unadulterated all-encompassing love, country stood before one’s person and people would die protecting what was right. These seem so much like the concept of ‘Atlantis’ in today’s context.

If I was ever asked, I would give up on the iPhone, tablets, Jimmy Choo and all things that are ‘developed’ to go back to the time when General Maximus and William Wallace walked the Earth.

Perhaps that would be my happy place.


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