September 9, 2012

New Innings

So I finally did make the move. After a very crazy August, where I spent a lot of time in airports and questioned myself repeatedly about the decision that I had taken – I find myself in a new place, surrounded by new people in an absolutely new environment altogether. The comfort zone is a really prized concept.

I don’t know how people do this frequently. This wrapping up one life and starting another, in a wink. I have so much baggage – literally and metaphorically, that even the thought of doing this again exhausts me.

Today is my fourth day at work at Zeenah PR, and there’s not a moment that goes by where I don’t think of the place I left behind. That’s the thing with change – you invariably end up comparing the two scenarios.

The new place is nice.
Its a smaller firm – set in a massive duplex villa.
The walls are painted bright red and yellow.
The windows are minaret-shaped.
The couches are violet.
There is no free lunch.
Saturday and Sunday are working days.
I am still using the web-version of Outlook.
I get to use my fake British accent and nobody guesses that it isn’t original.
The people are quieter. Very obviously different from where I came from.
There are no Bengalis at work (!!!)
The entire universe of what I know has changed – I don’t even know how many newspapers, magazines and broadcast channels we have here – which makes every day a learning here.
I have to be at work at 8 am.
The parents are going out of their way to ensure I am okay – I am very grateful.
I have to wear formals every day. So I get to shop! 
I have a three-course packed lunch to carry to work.
I spot the sea while being driven to work.
I don’t really have anyone to talk to. I don’t talk very much.
Like today, as I sit silently in a little room, with five other people who form the PR team here, I cannot help but think of the nuisance I created at Edelman. It was like I owned the place. But then it was second home to me. I miss it dearly. But once I remove the ’emotion’ from the equation and think rationally – I haven’t had much to complain about, yet.
This is an all new ecosystem. Even though I’ve grown up here, spent 17 years in this country – workplaces are a different story altogether. I’m hoping I can get through the first few months – and then everything will fall into place. It always does.

View from the second floor
The TBWA/Zeenah Office – Al Shatti Street

0 thoughts on “New Innings

  1. Nahi, bean bag 😀

    Haha! Are, what I meant was that Edelman me office se free lunch milta tha. But we get snacks here on Wednesdays (our Friday equivalent) 🙂

  2. sala.. faad couches be.. You should have visited my TCS office.. That prosaic looking place.. mechanical and dead.. No beauty whatsoever..
    Plus i'm sure this is temporary as well.. so make the most of it.. 🙂 You don't know where you'll be 5 years from now.. a long time.. yet not too long isn't it? 🙂

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