September 26, 2012


There was a boy.

He was everything any girl could dream of.

He would do just anything to see her smile.

He always had a handkerchief to lend and a shoulder to cry on.

He went out of his way – too many times.

He would treat her mother as his own.

He loved her voice.

He would make cards and write letters to her.

He knew exactly what could cheer her dampened spirit.

He was always only a phone call away.

He saved up his meagre pocket-money to buy her an insanely expensive book that she loved and couldn’t afford.

He knew the magic that jalebis could do.

He took her for long-drives in the rain. On a bike.

He said she looked beautiful in pyjamas and messy hair.

He tried to teach her math.

He dropped and picked her up from the airport whenever she travelled.

He believed in her.

He bought and filled an MBA application form for her. No questions asked.

He bought her flowers. Sometimes a bouquet as big as her.

It was love. A silent kind. An unconditional type.

All he wanted was a little space in her life.

Just the assurance that she would not leave.

The girl was the unfortunate sort. This love scared her and she ran away. Far away from him, his affections and his reach.

She was looking for something more attractive. Something shinier. She couldn’t have been more stupid.

He waited for years. For her to realise. For her to return. For her to pick up the phone. For her to reciprocate.

Then he let go.

She fannied about, with her life – doing her ‘meaningful’ stuff. He found a way around not having her in his life.

Soon, he fell in love again. This time he was luckier. He was loved back.

She couldn’t deal with the news. Over-reaction was an understatement. She thought he would wait until she was ready. It was just too much to ask.

Today she longs for him. He thinks of her fondly – he has forgiven.

Today she wants more. She can never have it.

Today he is in his happy place. She prays that he find peace wherever he may be.



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