October 26, 2012

Let It Be Me

I was just spending another afternoon watching one of my favourite television series – Criminal Minds. Those who think of it to be full of violence and meaningless bloodshed couldn’t be more wrong.
The core of the series is the people.
As it is in life. The friendships, the laughter, the things they say to each other while they try to get through their lives.
As it happens with the overtly emotional, I often get involved. In a manner as though they were my friends. Today’s episode had a departure. Those are the always the most difficult. There was a monologue one of the main characters voiced, which she wrote in her exit interview.
“I’m thankful for my years spent with this family. For everything we shared. Every chance we had to grow.
I ll take the best of them with me and lead by their example wherever I go.
A friend told me to be honest. So here goes.
I look at everything as a lesson. Because I don’t want to walk around angry. Or maybe its because I finally understand.
There are things we don’t want to happen. But have to accept.
Things we don’t want to know. But have to learn
And people we cant live without. But have to let go.”
Maybe because it hasn’t been long enough that I’ve had to say my goodbyes, that this resonates with me.
I’ve done the walk. Shed silent tears in the empty office. Knowing that this time will never come back.
I’ve done the thinking. I am in the know that people I held closest will not think of me when important things happen in their lives. I will be forgotten.

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  1. I have a theory. It says that there is only a fixed number of "best friends" one can have. The number may be different for different people but it's always there. People get dropped off as new people join in. Part and parcel of life 🙂
    No one has enough brain-space to hold on to "all the friends" 😀

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