October 14, 2012


I happened to go through some old posts yesterday and came across the first one I had ever written here.
I realised that I’ve been writing for over three years. 
Over the years, I have been rather regular. Probably missed a month or two in the middle when work was crazy, but mostly, anything significant in the last few years has been carefully documented.
I have Richa to thank, for coming down to my room at the hostel in Lavale and helping me setup and get started. I read her blog religiously over a year before I decided to start my own. I also have her to thank for being one of my most dedicated readers. 
Bhardwaj, you the man.
I was watching Julie & Julia over this weekend and it got me thinking about how much the Orange Tree has helped me. 
It has been a silent listener, a friend who was always there, a memoir of the good and the trying times, an avenue to vent out and a safe place to say things which make me feel vulnerable. 
To all things orange that have been lighting up my life. And everyone reading. I’m very grateful.

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  1. Some trumpets and drumroll please! 😀

    I am glad you stuck to it. As for how much it helps, I can only say that's the reason mine has been alive for close to six years. 🙂

    To many more!

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