November 18, 2012

Turn Up The Music

Is there anyone who hasn’t seen the Jill & Kevin wedding video yet? 
Now is the time, then. The story will continue afterwards.
I was introduced to it during my MBA at SIMC. 
I cannot remember what class or who the teacher was, or what was the point of showing it to a bunch of post graduating students. But the song was a revelation! Everyone was nuts over it for a while and I made it a point to download the song, and become a fan of bad-boy Chris Brown.
I have this to-do. One day. At some friends’ wedding, I’ll find some people as crazy as I am, and we’ll do this mad dance while aunties in Kanchivaram and/or fancy suits judge us. What fun!
Coming right back to Chris Brown, the man has made some very cool music over the years, and a recent track that I came across, shows us all what a bloody good dancer he is. (Special attention to 1:00, 1:31 and 2:44!)
Somebody stop me listening to it!

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