December 27, 2012

10 | 12: Twelve Highlights of 2012

After nine posts, there hardly seems to be anything that I haven’t recounted already, but I thought a year-round up post is necessary; one which talks about the twelve top-of-my-mind things which happened in the year. Apart from the rather hyped apocalypse of course – which well, didn’t happen.
Thank the heavens I didn’t follow my initial idea and spend everything I have before the 21st! 
Here are my highlights:
  • I quit my second job. One that I really loved. Made a choice.
  • I worked with one of the largest and most prestigious brands in the history of aviation – British Airways. I’m very proud of the work we did for them, and the fact that I was a part of it. ❤ 
  • Celebrated three years of the Orange Tree. Wrote over 100 plus blog posts this year.
  • Finally bought a ‘Hogwarts Alumni’ t-shirt. God bless you Shirt Mogul.
  • Got seriously obsessed by television series – Criminal Minds, Master-chef Australia, Game Of Thrones, Sherlock, The Newsroom. This has been such a good year.
  • Read. Voraciously. Became a committed fan of George R. R. Martin – currently on book four of his widely popular series – ‘A Feast For Crows’.
  • Was brave. Mustered the courage to tell someone how I felt. The results are immaterial.
  • Began plotting routes via maps on iPhone for travel in rural Oman. Twice. They don’t call me ‘Navigator’ for nothing!
  • Was the chef of the house. For two weeks.
    The success of my ventures has inspired me to work on a little recipe book. ‘Easy-Recipes-for-People-Who-Stay-Away-From-Home,-Love-To-Eat-And-Don’t-Want-To-Get-Obese’.
    Yes, I have to work on an alternate name.
  • Made Omani friends at work. Revived my spoken Arabic slightly.يفهم؟
  • Ad Astra Per Aspera. Mine own. I have an excellent idea for the next one, but I’m still debating it.
  • Moved to Muscat after leaving it nine years ago. 
The penultimate one: 12 favourite photographs clicked in the year


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