December 23, 2012

6 | 12: Twelve Random Entertaining Things I Did

Know those little moments which seem like so much fun while you’re in the swing. For a while, you think of them, talk about them, and with time, they vanish from your memory. Then another day, years later a random picture, a conversation or a little post-it in your diary remind you of them.
These are mine, from 2012:

  • Got together with the girls for Ladies Night at Cafe Morrison. Got quite overwhelmed with the free cosmopolitans. Climbed aboard the Delhi metro in a rather inebriated state. For the whole story, click here
  • Joined Pinterest. Publicized it to everyone I know, rather rigorously. But I am so proud of the collection I have built.
  • Clocked 600 plus Foursquare check-ins. Without moving continents. Ha!
  • Memorised the radio-telephony alphabet expansions. If you want to, as well – get started here
  • Shopped for 100 OMR at one store, in less than an hour :O
  • Went to Jolly Rogers for ladies nights with Chops every Wednesday for a whole month. At the end of it, the servers were all chatty and giving us free peanut mixtures!
  • Created two public playlists in YouTube, after people said that they often like the music I listen to. 280 plus songs and going strong. Check them out here
  • Walked in the rain from Rashbehavri Avenue to Tollygunje at the horror of my grandmum. Had the time of my life.
  • Almost hit a hole-in-one at a local golf course, in a media golfing session, where no media turned up. Although it wasn’t that funny at the time.
  • Mastered the recipe for crepes. Dessert anyone?
  • Wrote over 45 news releases in a month at my new job. About compost, man gifting his wife a Dodge Charger and many more in the ludicrous arena.
  • Witnessed a bedouin Omani dance session. Very gripping!
And next: Music highlights from 2012

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