December 24, 2012

7 | 12: Twelve Playlist Toppers

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” ― Aldous Huxley.
Music is my solace. My friend. My consolation.
It makes me weep. It lifts my spirits. Gives me hope. Rejuvenates.
Without music and earplugs, I would be a very sad, wandering soul. Music is my anchor. It was near impossible to pick favourites, but these are the twelve that have  made a difference:

Phir Le Aaya Dil | Arijit Singh

Almost all of Barfi’s songs were beyond brilliant. ‘Kyun’ by Papon is a close second by this number by Arijit Singh takes the cake.

The Lightning Strike | Snow Patrol
First heard during the trailer of upcoming animated movie “Epic”. God bless you Shazam.
Nenjukulle | Shakthisree Gopalan & A.R.Rahman
Shared initially by Akshay (the Buffalo one) and later Ranjan put up the video on his blog. South Indian favourite of the year. Rahman. Shakthisree. Bliss.
Challa – Hari & Sukhmani
Introduced to the duo through the Tehelka Music Project. Might be a little electronic at times, but its not a crime in my books. Visit their website for more fabulously awesome Punjabi folk music.
All My Days | Alexi Murdoch
Rolled in as the soundtrack of Hugh Jackman starred Real Steel’. It was love at first hearing. I could listen to it on loop for hours and stare at a starlit sky. Yes, it’s that kind of a song. You won’t know why until you try it.
Ghir Ghir | Advaita
If there is a song that reverberates what the rains are to me, it is this one. I heard it for the first time at the client event at the British Ambassador’s residence in New Delhi where Advaita were performing live. Mind blown away.
Storm (Dinka Mix) | Lifehouse
Some things I do, I can never explain. One of these things may be why I follow Sikh-American IT tycoon Gurbaksh Chahal on social media. Maybe because he inspires me? Maybe I don’t have to explain why. One day he randomly shared this song on Twitter and I know so many who have loved it as I do. Not to forget, the video is equally spectacular.
Nindiya Re | Kaavish
A real Coke Studio jewel. From a Karachi-based band. You will see Jaffer Zaidi quietly playing the keyboard in the background in some of the more famous Pakistani Coke Studio hits. Who would guess that he had a voice like this?
Just Say Yes | Snow Patrol
This is Vidha’s song. She shared it with me via Communicator when we sat by each other at work. Most of the music she had shared with me was not exactly down my alley, but this one was magic. I’ve never ignored another song recommendation from her.
Game Of Thrones OST | Ramin Djawadi
Most gripping television series OST. Ever. I think I heard this on loop for over a month, and then made it   the ringtone on the iPhone. Watch the video and you won’t need an explanation.
Don’t Believe In Love | Dido
This has been the car song. The one that would play while we would drive back home from work. Chops wouldn’t change the songs on the flash drive until I got bored and did it myself. I never got myself to remove this one. Its classic Dido for you.
Divenire | Ludovico Einaudi
One of the most moving piano and violin combinations I have been exposed to. Perhaps because I picked it up from the “Thank You, Mom”commercial by P&G. It stuns me every time I listen to it. Who says a song needs to have words to say something.
Tomorrow’s ten plus two: Twelve Occasions of Festivity in 2012

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  1. I can't believe i never shared the advaita Coke Studio video with you.. i am an ardent fan of theirs.. the album Grounded in space is awesome!!! I shall mail you the songs.. NOW! 🙂

  2. Ya… please.. no breaking the rule.. but now i'm afraid, you'd not open your comp on a quiet evening.. 😛 so listen to it.. I don't want to hype it or anything.. it's just one of the good shubha mudgal songs.. 🙂
    Oh and i was wondering why you didn't reply to the mail, if you recd it or not sorts.. 🙂

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