December 8, 2012

Base Shift.

And just when I thought I was getting used to the violently red and yellow walls at my new workplace, we’ve been shifted to a new location. The team has expanded so violently that there seems to be no way to accommodate us in the existing facility.
Thus, came into the picture a sprawling villa at Muscat’s sort-of-posh ‘Al-Sarooj’ locale. The enclosure I sit in is in an absolute corner – so we can all guess what I’m going to do in my leisure!
It has many more windows. Actually there’s so much sun that I have had to write to HR asking for some blinds. Its nice. 
As is customary, I spent most of today doing up my workstation. In the most mundane of mindsets, I find it calming if I have nice things to look at. Travel aspirations, quotes, books, movies, my favourite people. Yes. Its making me smile. And I’m not done yet.
Here goes, for your viewing pleasure.

The sign board is WIP.  But this is the front face of the villa.
The trimmed garden fence. aka. backyard
Section I – TV. Books. Movies.

Section II – The People 

Section III

0 thoughts on “Base Shift.

  1. I love the arthur Dumblebore quote and the Tolkein one as well and the Roald Dahl's as well.. Actually all of them.. 😛
    Only thing that sort of leaves me a little puzzled is George Bush! I can read the quote on that piece of cutting, "War is Peace", and it does make sense in a lot of ways, but to associate Bush with that amount of intellect and thought behind that statement, seems a little ludicrous to me.. 🙂
    I am assuming you didn't bother to give it as much thought as i did… or probably it is there in place to make you feel good that if a dumbnut as Bush could be the president of the US, then you sure can scale unimaginable heights. 🙂

  2. Come to think of it, I didn't give that one a thought at all. It was something a friend at Edelman had given me off her cubicle when she was leaving (She was an international relations crazy).

    And I kept it, in memory of her. George Bush shouldn't really adorn my walls, but good that you found an excuse for me to keep it 🙂

    And yay, for the quotes. I love them too. And I have to do this – its 'Albus' Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts 😀

  3. But of course it is Albus Dumbledore and not Arthur DumbleBore! 😀 I didn't realize the typo in the last name there until i read it now. Funny dude.. real funny.. 🙂
    And no wonder i didn't find any article for Arthur Dumbledore when i googled it up.. I was like really?? but then gave up the chase.. 😛

  4. Orange-ish red and white building! I'm in love! 😀

    The sun is always nice. I loved it even in the desert. 🙂

    Main bhi hoon photos mein! Eeeeee! Par Shah Rukh Khan kahan hai?

  5. @ Aiyo: You wrote Dumble-bore!! How did I miss that. Hahaa…

    @ RB: I knew you'd love it. There is bougainvillea all over the villa 🙂

    And of course tum ho photos me! Shah Rukh is work in progress. Swades ka poster lagaoongi 😀

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