February 11, 2013


If I were to ever believe that matches were made in heaven, I would always think of these two. 
They’re both very different people, yet as similar as can be.

The thought of moving to Gurgaon, a few years ago was made a comforting thought because I knew they would be around, in addition to other friends. 

And they did just that. Made me feel welcome in their city, gave me a place to stay in – on weekends, took me along for trips, endured hours of potty and Benglish talk, introduced me to some wonderful people who I know I will be friends with, for life. I owe them quite a lot. 
I always regret not knowing Swetha for the entire two years at Lavale. We got to know each other better only in the second year after a brief period where I thought her to be indifferent. But once I got to know her better, I learned what she was actually made of – there was no turning back afterwards. We share a love for music (and sing a lovely ‘Khoon Chala’ duet’), photography (she’s more inclined towards objects, me towards clicking her sprawled on the ground) and food! Delhi just brought us closer and every time we met, we had something all new to laugh about!
Basu, I was first introduced to on a spur-of-the-moment Nainital trip. Ever since, he has been entertaining himself with the notion that I belong to some jihadi clan. There has been no meeting where I haven’t been quizzed on anything that I am remotely interested in. Football. Oman. Carrom. 
When I was told that the wedding would be in Mangalore, I was sure that this was something I could not miss. And I’m glad I was there. Despite the overnight flight, the cattle-transfers at CSI Airport. It was a beautiful wedding and I had a blast being the official make up in-charge – chatting up all the Kannadiga ladies about sarees, gold and all things weddings – catching up with Bhardwaj – cursing myself for not buying a better lens (Yes, I know – the 50 mm should have been brought) – consuming dosa and coffee upto my heart’s content – ‘Uloo-ing’ with Basu’s Bengali Pishis and not to forget soaking my feet in the deserted and serene Tannirbavi Beach.
My grandmum always thought that SwethaBasu was the same person. And somewhere in my heart, I know that they are. With hearts of gold, they are the best kind of friends one can hope to have.
The bride has a penchant for head gear. The groom worships Top Gear. Together they are perfect as perfect can be. 
On February 01, 2013 – they married!
Photo courtesy: Photographer gang. Naween Bhaiya. Varun. CBR. Me 🙂
The day before the wedding. At HoigeBail. 
Breakfast for the Bride.
With Basu
Shoita and her bridesmaids 🙂
Bhardwaj and I 🙂
The bunch!
Going Bengali. 
SwethaBasu. God Bless.

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