June 15, 2013

Day 15# Just Another Day.

A usual day in my life is really not much to talk about – just the general work, home routine where one doesn’t even realise how the weeks and then months fly past. 
So I thought pictures would add a definite zing (as mentioned in the challenge) – but a picture an hour seemed a bit much, so here we go – a condensed version of a day in my life – in photographs. 
That bus stop is where I wait for the company car
which takes me to work at 8 am.
(Good morning) صباح الخير
Sometimes, I go to meetings in James’ Jeep, Rebecca’s Prado
or Malcolm’s Scirocco! Choices, choices.
Almost noon.
The girls and I have a good time, with me teaching them Hindi!
My ophthalmologist has prescribed that I take walks and stare into the distance
– it supposedly takes the pressure off eyes. 
Lunchtime! This was KFC day 😀
Sometimes, I get such emails 🙂
Running time!
Watching the sky turn orange, post run!
Before going to bed, I indulge in a book while Baba takes stock of the downloads on UTorrent.

That’s all, folks! 


0 thoughts on “Day 15# Just Another Day.

  1. I caught your chori.. Your shirts are different between teaching Hindi and Lunching!!! Two different dresses = two different days = challenge not followed to the T = Marks cut!!! Phew!!!
    And… I love the laptop screen shot, and the dinner time and the runing too.. whatte louly house only it is. 🙂

  2. Badi galatiyan nikaal rahe ho! Maar khaoge.
    I have different clothes for teaching and eating. Take that 😀

    Yes, the bari is lovely. Come soonly!

  3. hahahaha… 😀 Yaaaa rite!!!!
    "Don't lie to me" serial dekh ke fayda nahi hai… istemal karo.. 😀 😀

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