June 25, 2013

Day 25# Blessings. Something I was told, I might never forget

This one took an unnatural amount of thinking. I cannot explain why. And even now, I’m not sure if what I’m about to write about is actually something that I will never forget – but its the closest it will get. 
Picture a Bengali wedding, or just any Indian wedding. Loads of relatives. Total chaos. 
I love weddings. Even more when its in the family, and I can be completely involved in everything. 
In one such occasion a few years ago, I had made myself particularly useful (something I love doing) – with organising and helping get things in place.
Towards the end of the week long celebrations, one of the grandmothers called me to sit by her feet and ran her hands through my hair and whispered to me. She said that I am almost an identical reflection of my mother (in looks and behaviour) and then she blessed me saying that good things happen to good people, and no matter what I might have to go through in life, I will emerge unhurt and strong. 
As I have mentioned, I look up to my mum for everything. She’s the best parent, wife, sister, aunt, daughter in law and just any other relationship you can manage. 
As fond as I am of grandparents, I believe that having lived over eighty years on this planet, they must know stuff. That is probably why what Chodida (what we call her) said, have stuck with me. 

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