June 5, 2013

Day 5# My Friend, the Blogger.

Personally, I have never really had a problem with public display of emotions. So this one is pretty easy – and actually, pending for a while.
Today’s challenge is to write about a blogger friend or a real life friend. I’m blessed to know both in one person.
My first memory of her is one at the SIMC campus in Lavale, getting off a four-wheel drive with her iPod shuffle clipped to her jeans’ pocket – I instantly remembered the girl I had seen and spoken little to, on the Orkut and Facebook group for students of the incoming batch.
Being in the same batch brought us together somehow, through ‘Advertising Creative’ classes, where her aesthetics and my rubbish drawing created marvels which surprised even us. And we’ve been friends ever since.
I cannot even attempt to be as eloquent as she, when it comes to writing about people – but this is an earnest endeavour to let her know how important she is.
I want to thank you, Bhardwaj – for teaching me how to hold a DSLR, for being patient with me when I was loud and inappropriate in the Marketing classes you so loved, for always checking in on me, for the“Main toh jaa rahi hoon” routine which resulted in some of the best trips of my life, for setting up “The Orange Tree” and not laughing at the cheesy url, for trying to teach me economics, for inviting me home for mother-cooked food almost every week in Delhi, for making an effort  not to wince at instances of my verbal diarrhoea, for introducing me to your friends – Swetha and Ridhima – to make the trio that made the last two semesters at college worth remembering, and most importantly, for repeatedly telling me that fairy tale world was different than the one we actually live in – for teaching me to be practical.
Till the day I am sane, I will remember all that you have done for me – consciously or otherwise.  
So here’s to one of the most beautiful women I know – a little note to tell you that distances and differences don’t really matter. And even if we’re not spending Tuesdays at Café Morrison drinking pitchers of Long Island Iced Teas, I think of you often.

0 thoughts on “Day 5# My Friend, the Blogger.

  1. During a series of crap days, this means so much more than it anyway would have. A post dedicated to me! 😀

    But I don't even know what to say. Mere ko awkward mat kiya karo. *looks on sheepishly*

    Fuchsia border note kar liya hai maine. Thank you very much for that. 🙂 Btw, I recently bought a fuchsia dress. 😀

    Bindass raho. Lou to zoo. *big hug*

  2. I would probably never be able to tell you most of this (and much more that I'd like to), to your face – so writing it here and making you feel awkward there, id your easiest way out 🙂

    I have so much to be grateful for, and one of them is definitely knowing people like you.

    And yes, those were tough days, Richa. I haven't forgotten. You did introduce me to your friends – and we've never had to look back. (I'm glad neither reads this blog) 😛

    Onek love, Doggu! I'm glad my little attempt made you smile.

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