June 6, 2013

Day 6# Communications 101

Public Relations. Definitely not the career I dreamed of when I was little – on May 03 this year, I completed four years of being in this profession.
What is it I do? I manage reputations for brands.
As a Public Relations professional, my job entails maintaining a favorable public image of an organisation, a person or brands or all of these together. I was very lucky to be recruited by the now reining czars in the PR world – an independently owned firm by the name of Edelman.
For almost three years, I had the prized opportunity to be a part of exclusive events and represent the best of global brands, as their communications liaison from Gurgaon, India. To cite a few examples of the extremely exciting work that I did on behalf of the company:

And officially represented international brands such as CNN International, Al Jazeera English and British Airways among several others. For details, feel free to browse here.

I believe the communications industry makes for one of the most dynamic places to work, and I cannot even begin what an enriching experience it was to work with so many different people – across geographies with varying interests and expertise. Every new project made for bountiful learning opportunities. 

In my current role at Zeenah PR, I do pretty much similar things, just that the audiences are different – and the market is still in its nascent stages – hence the communication strategies are at a different level altogether. 

But what I treasure most in what I do is the opportunity to create, to meet (a few) talented and driven people, to be innovative and to never ever have a schedule. Every morning when I come to work, its a different day – with different things to do, and that’s something I’d give anything to keep. 

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