June 28, 2013

June 29 | Three Decades

The first vivid memory that most of us probably have is time with our parents. And hence, in theme with today’s topic I am also able to write about two wonderful people that I have been blessed to be able to call my mother and father. 
1983. Then. 

2013. Now.

On the 29th of June, 1983 they were married in a quiet ceremony in Calcutta. I have been a part of most of their journey afterwards and have seen them live the years, with an open heart, a smile on their faces and absolute strength. 

I have heard stories from them about the time when they did not even have the means to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. Look how far they have come. If there really is a notion of a love that stays, its never like in the movies – but it could be what my parents are made of. 
Today is their thirtieth wedding anniversary, and I have tried to make it special with a pearl theme chocolate ganache cake, some sparkling wine and some presents. But most importantly, today I have prayed to the heavens that Ma and Baba have many more years together to celebrate. That is what is the most precious.

Tiffany & Co. pearl droplets for Ma. 

Analog. For Baba. 

Since the 30th anniversary is about pearls 🙂

Us three 🙂
The menu:
Prawn tempura, Chicken in red wine reduction and some white chocolate and raspberry coulis. Delish.
Happy 30th dinner at the Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah – Bait Al Bahr

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