December 29, 2013

2013 | Resolution Rehash

This year was mostly a blur. 
I know I say it almost every year, but this one was truly exceptional. Day after day, months ran past me – and it is already time to re-look at the goals-of-the-year and check things off the list (hopefully) and put down the highlights of the year!

2013 was satisfying. It had it lows, but the highs outweighed them in all regards.

I set myself thirteen goals for the year and I don’t think I did too badly. 

Language. The attempt to better my dismal Arabic skills. Not much progress on this front, the lack of mobility disallowed classes, but my colloquial spoken is much better than last year

The driving license. Probably the most important thing on the list. It pains me to write that it has still not happened. But I’m close, so much that I can almost taste it. I hope I will have better news to share in a month from now

Culinary skills. Quite a bit of growth here. Ma’s trips to India are usually the learning grounds and while I can now whip up a mean lasagna, the moong dal is not so bad either

Ocean adventures. I did go sailing and fishing, with the Jones’ and just last week kayaking with Abdullah. Scuba didn’t happen, but other things did. So double check!

Health. After months of eating ‘healthy’ and being best friends with the cross trainer, I am happy to report the loss of eight kilograms and the BMI is looking much better. But there’s a long way to go
Travel. I’m quite pleased with this year’s travel footprint. Weddings in Mangalore & Raipur. The States with Richa and Reetika. Europe and the UK with parents. Delhi. Agra with Milan. Dubai. So much fun!
Savings. Despite the crazy amounts spent on buzzing around the world, I’ve managed to save a considerable amount. It is slightly short of the target, but I’m truly not complaining
Celebration. The 30th wedding anniversary was a hit. Although Baba still complains that it was extravagant, I believe they deserved nothing less
The Diploma. No development here; I’m actually rethinking the route
GCC Travel. I didn’t get the chance to go to Jordan, but I did step into the UAE after almost nine years – that must count for something!
Writing. I’ve probably never written this many press releases in my entire career as I have this year. Towards writing for myself, this is post #151 – booyah!


For 2014, I have a couple of more things that I want to do. Topping the list are the follows:

# Deep digital detox. I plan to sign out of Facebook and delete the App from my phone. And stay that way for at least a couple of months.
# Keep the motivated ‘Stay healthy’ campaign on!
# Learn how to cycle. Seems like such a liberating, eco-friendly and healthy activity.

# Keep the travel streak going. Make the most of the 10-year US visa and possibly visit some places in the region. At the top of the aspiration list this year are Croatia, Greece, Czech Republic and Turkey. Let’s see how it goes…

# Attempt being not-nice sometimes. Stop being the agony aunt and the soul-sister-but-only-in-times-of-need, to people who are never around for me. It is immensely draining.
# Work on the foreign language. This year’s trip to Europe and unguided exploration of Austria made me realise that I know more German that I credit myself for – hence that’s something I’d love to pursue as a hobby. And Arabic, from a more serious business proficiency pov.
# Find a new job. Preferably move cities.

# Associate with an animal welfare not-for-profit. I was more hands-on when in Calcutta and Delhi, but I’ve only been donating to specific causes since I got here. For the coming year, I’m definitely looking at identifying a local organisation and making some real contributions

# Spend more time and money on myself. If possible, control the ‘giving-others-gives-me-happiness-urge’

# Try new things in general. Food, places, people, experiences. And try not to hold on things from the past. Operative word being ‘try’

While it would be very ambitious to put together a 14 for 2014 resolution list, I think I’ll start small and keep adding to this list, this year. Coming up next are the 2013 highlights – tally ho!


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