December 30, 2013

Looking Back

This time last year, I was undertaking an elaborate year-end blog series and enumerating all things notable that happened.
Today, however, I am one of the three people who are remaining in the office during the holiday season and needless to say that the work overload is a tad overwhelming. To add to all the fun, my annual flu bout has chosen this time of the year to visit – so I’ll be wrapping up 2013 in bullet points.
Like I mentioned in my previous post, it’s been a slow but satisfying year. But there were just too many things and experiences (good and not-so-pleasing) that happened to make this list anything less than expansive J
In no particular order, in 2013 – I …
# Met a school friend after almost a decade; it wasn’t awkward at all!
# Stepped out of my comfort zone. Dared a little. It’s not going so well for me presently – but no regrets yet
# Had my two-year-old  favourite spectacles gnawed at. Wishing that the new ones felt as good as they look
# Saw my first Cirque du Soleil show and had my mind blown
# Tried oysters. Swore to never touch them again *Blech*
# Began to gleefully watch Bengali movies again
# Took two trips with friends. Promised self that I must do these more often
# Perhaps started to understand that nothing is permanent
# Sat through my first Broadway show ever – Chicago! *Imagines legs being thrown to the air*
# Finally said goodbye to a decade long misconstrued relationship. Or let’s just call it closure.
# Went to a pub and discotheque in Muscat (!!!)
# Said silent prayers thanking the Heavens for the people who love me. I find that there happen to be a few and I don’t know how to say thank you enough
# Saw the White Cliffs of Dover again. Sigh.

# Drank half a litre of Belvedere in one night. Woke up with no hangover!

# Filled myself with music. Attended two concerts, one opera (The Marriage of Figaro) and a mind boggling period performance of the Baroque times in Vienna
# Sent an overseas surprise birthday present and felt incomparable joy
# Was published in a minor-esque way. I’m more proud of the cause than having my face in the papers.
# Strutted along 5thAvenue. Felt pretty darn grand…
# Was makeup artist designate at a wedding, and during the US trip (Thank you, YouTube!)
# Started German lessons. Yes, again.
# Felt immensely lonely
# Made television series the centre of my life. Watched everything. Yes, everything!
# Stayed at the bloomin’ Bellagio!
# Watched and stood by a friend, during his struggles and then saw him rise to the very top. Such pride!
# Attended two very special weddings. Shed happy tears and felt contentment for these four
# Watched the second Hobbit movie in the cinemas and drooled all over Luke Evans and of course, the CumberSmaug
# Sat at Piazza Di Spagna and polished off Spaghetti Carbonara, Strawberry Panna Cotta and Red Wine. 
# Fell in love with Arijit Singh’s voice
# Visited the ER with and for the mother, felt tense
# Shopped at the HBO Store – bought my first Stark t-shirt!
# Overdosed on blogging challenges! 60 posts in two months, phew…
# Established myself as a pretty kick-arse cocktail chef! The ladies love my Cosmopolitans  😉
# Made friends at work. Sort of.
# Cruised in Las Vegas in a stretch limo (Also steered slightly tipsy and very giggly Richa and Reetika through airport security check!)
# Realised how emotionally vulnerable I really am
# Ate the best waffles in the world at Central Park. I kid you not.
# Got full front bangs and felt totally awesome in them
# Set foot in 13 countries
# Had extensive phone conversations – the good, bad and ugly

# Was received by friends at the airport. This has only happened once before. Many many years ago. 

# Stuck to my exercise regime and felt good
# Discovered Ed Sheeran
# Was blessed with rain (and droplet pictures) whenever I travelled
# Bought fuchsia shoes *Ding*
# Sobbed at wedding photographs on Facebook
# Perfected my hummus recipe. Feel like Mediterranean food anyone? Comeonover!
# Had a New York City style brunch. Eggs Benedict and all
# Took a dip into history. Filled my soul with art in Paris and music in Austria. Walked through the ruins of the Roman Forum. Saw the Sun set in Endelberg. Caught snowflakes in Jungfraujoch. Saw Venice from a Gondola. Memories of a lifetime…
It’s been a good year, yes. I think if I let myself, I would probably never stop. So here I am, wishing you a splendid New Year – with peace, joy and cupcakes.

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11 thoughts on “Looking Back

  1. Absolutely kick arse!

    Those few spots in the middle are okay. Part of the package. Rest of the stuff – I am mighty proud! 😀

    >:D< (old style hug)

  2. I know. This year has been quite blessed. And I like this old style hug, actually I like and miss old style everything.

    Html-ish hug back 🙂

  3. You, my friend haven't shown me anything remotely acrobatic. And it's been more than five years that I've discovered you!

    However, since you asked for clarity – you're a part of #12 (Haha, ab baith ke count karo!)

    Happy New Year, casanova 😉

  4. Being a normal 22 yr old guy..
    I can just go and chillout all the places u have been only in my dreams or may b not…God…u got such an aawsm life…
    Anywzz..Happie New Year Lady.

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