August 3, 2014


All of us have different definitions of peace
A feeling that we probably cannot share
I’ve always wondered how it would be to live underwater
Minus the diving gear and all
Then I stumbled across this video of the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
And as I watched it on full screen
 It felt like zen 

I have been very vocal about my opinion of the captivity of marine animals, and I think that it is awful that beautiful creatures as whale sharks, among others should have to spend the entirety of their lives in a closed tank, swimming in circle – going nowhere.

The objective of this post is not to promote the Kuroshio Sea Tank or the sea animal shows that this aquarium houses, in any manner.


2 thoughts on “Zen

  1. There is this strange familiarity water has. When you are in it ensconced and alone you aren't really alone for its swallowed you whole. A lot like love. Its all around you when you are in it. You see though it and its still there – standing.

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