June 17, 2015

A Wedding & A Reunion

As the years are going by, most of us can find ourselves being absorbed in our lives leaving little time to reflect and lesser opportunities to do impulsive things. 
But those days were the best, weren’t they? The living on a hilltop, the pathetic excuse of food that the mess served us, the small joys of a cancelled class, samosa-pav, the absolutely random conversations and the people – who kept you company when you cried, who brought you food from the city, who made sure you had a cake on your birthday, who sat you down and made you create your blog. Those are the people that I will remember for the rest of my life – no matter how crazy things get.
So when there is any opportunity to feel that sense of belonging, I wasn’t going to say no. Went, I did, to Delhi in peak summer to attend Richa’s wedding.
Of course an added bonus was to meet everyone who mattered. These were people who the stories and memories were about – there was no one who didn’t ‘get’ the jokes in this lot. At weddings, friends hardly get time with the bride or groom, so the people you have for company are very important.
A beautiful wedding it was – Richa and Chetak looking so much in love, the amazing company of a Punjabi family around and of course ALL the food and meetha. 

One with the newlyweds…

Hotel room shenanigans! Ranjan and I only happen to meet at weddings 🙂

Mehra and me – it had been too long! 

These girls 

And finally we had a photo taken for the Whatsapp Group, with Robin in it 🙂

Sitting on the stairs and eating a tonne of starters – that is us, the bride’s embarrassing friends 😀
The prettiest she has looked, yet! Photo by Swetha. 
Wishing you an entire lifetime of happiness!

4 thoughts on “A Wedding & A Reunion

  1. I am so thankful you travelled from the desert to the tandoor for it. And really glad that it ended up being a reunion of sorts for you guys. I wish I could spend more time with you – was honestly irritated with the whole 'getting ready' part of each day. But at least you had the others for fun company.

    Hope to see you soon enough. This time at least a meal together. 🙂

    Much lou!

  2. Arey, of course I had to come. And shaadi ek baar hi honi hai tumhari – 'getting ready' aur nahi karna padega 🙂

    It felt like Lavale days and I'm so glad everyone could make it.

    I shall come see you soon for tea and scones 😀

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