June 29, 2015

Wish तो बस एक शुरूआत है…

I’ve always had it in for emotional advertising; so much that I still have a folder tucked away in my hard disk that contain the few that pulled on heartstrings. 

During the MBA, and through my personal reading, I realised that this was a deliberate strategy by brands into making us associate with them through the emotional connect. Lately, my favourite digital media specialist wrote about this societal dimension of brand building on his blog and I was made to think of Flipkart’s most recent #AbHarWishHogiPoori campaign.

I am already a Flipkart user, and even a brand ambassador of sorts, but for me, this had nothing to do with e-commerce.

The connected wishes in this two and a half minute video, increase in intensity as the story progresses and I’m sure most of us can connect with some element of it, or the other. Lowe Lintas must be commended on their use of still images in movement to create a video-like effect out of snapshots.

I am most touched by one of the lines used by the narrator towards the end – ‘wish तो बस एक शुरूआत है’. Haina? 

This one’s a keeper, going straight into the folder 🙂 


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