December 30, 2013

Looking Back

This time last year, I was undertaking an elaborate year-end blog series and enumerating all things notable that happened. Today, however, I am one of the three people who are remaining in the office during the holiday season and needless to say that the work overload is a tad overwhelming. To add to all the fun, my annual flu bout has chosen this time of the year to visit – so I’ll be wrapping up 2013 in bullet points. Like I mentioned in my previous post, it’s been a slow but satisfying year. But there were just too many things and experiences (good and not-so-pleasing) that happened to make this…

December 29, 2013

2013 | Resolution Rehash

This year was mostly a blur.  I know I say it almost every year, but this one was truly exceptional. Day after day, months ran past me – and it is already time to re-look at the goals-of-the-year and check things off the list (hopefully) and put down the highlights of the year! 2013 was satisfying. It had it lows, but the highs outweighed them in all regards. I set myself thirteen goals for the year and I don’t think I did too badly.  Language. The attempt to better my dismal Arabic skills. Not much progress on this front, the lack of mobility disallowed classes, but my colloquial spoken is much…

November 13, 2013

A New Backpack

2013 has been so good to me Had to pack my bags every couple of months The travel folder in my Mailbox has been alive and kicking Almost exhausted myself writing travelogues I’ve had to fight opinions and advice about spending on travels. And this is exactly what I had to tell them. I’ve already got a couple of ideas for the next year: Buy a new backpack Meet some people I haven’t seen for a while Go somewhere by myself Take another trip with close friends, if it works out See some more snow Pay someone a surprise visit perhaps And maybe even Latin America, who knows… Yes, I…

November 3, 2013

Light It Up!

The festival of lights is here  And there is no better place to be than home  This year, the Rangoli is almost perfect The refrigerator is stocked with sweet delights Happy Diwali, everyone! Thank you for the tip, Naween Bhaiya! Ma, attending the finer bits Supervising. The prayer room Just like last year’s one 🙂 Chakrabortys say “Happy Diwali”

November 2, 2013

Mughal Grandiose

I had lived in the national capital for almost three years, but had never visited the best known monument which lay only 200 kilometres from Delhi in a historic setting left behind by the illustrious Mughals. This Eid holiday, Milan and I paid a visit to Agra and tick the Taj Mahal off our bucket lists. The decision making process was not so simple, however J When we decided to take a holiday together, we settled on a beach destination because both of us needed to get away. From the monotony, the pressures and the voices. Our first choice was the Maldives and weeks of planning went into it, a…

November 1, 2013

Delhi October

Getting started with the November project, I wanted the first post to be about something happy that I am thankful for. When I first heard that the Eid-ul-Adha holidays in Oman were going to be a week long (Yay for living in Oman – UAE only got three days 😛), my first reaction was to pledge that I wouldn’t stay in and mope about the lack of exciting things to do. After a series of elaborate plans didn’t work out (more on those on the next post), I decided that October would be a great time to visit Delhi and catch up with some of the people there. After all,…

October 30, 2013

The November Project

It is said that when the going get tough, the tough get – writing. No? Okay. Things are a bit dull on my end and the inspiration in general is dipping. As are the number of posts. To stay true to my resolution this year, and to be constructive – I’ve decided to take part in the National Blog Posting Month or NaBloPoMo (I wasn’t a part of the acronym making team, I promise). Apparently, every November a lot of bloggers from across the globe join in the movement and make the commitment to post something, anything daily. The Daily Post even provides daily guidance, in case one is running…

October 27, 2013


Italy was the last country of our three-week long trip, and honestly, the bit that I was most excited about! Driving through the Brenner Pass, a mountain pass along the border between Italy and Austria we crossed numerous apple orchards and vineyards and began to spot the Italian part of the Alps in a Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara sort of frame, where an endless stretch of road continued with grapes growing on either side of the road and the towering ice tipped mountains looked down on them. Buongiorno We were headed towards Italy’s northern-most major city of Venice! It is one of those places you have seen just too many times…

October 10, 2013


Leekh-ten-shtine. That’s how it must be pronounced. So much for geography obsession; before my visit, I didn’t even know this was a country. But as it happens, the Principality of Liechtenstein is an adorable, doubly landlocked alpine country bordered by Switzerland to the west and by Austria towards the east. Vaduz is its capital and that was where we were headed, on the way to our Austria leg of the journey – (Which was my first post – or does no one remember, already!?) Leaving the spellbinding Swiss landscapes behind, we were told that even for tour guides and bus drivers who frequent the route, it is difficult to figure…

October 9, 2013

Heaven in Helvetica

To be completely honest, while we were planning this trip, Switzerland was the place I was probably least excited about – but it happened to surprise me the most. In almost all the other countries, there were these elaborate lists of things to see – museums, galleries, rivers or just anything that made them stand out. In my head, Switzerland was the place where some Bollywood movies were shot, a lot of rich people lived, and Toblerone was manufactured – didn’t seem all that much to be wound up about.  All of that changed in a jiffy. Where I last left off, we had just consumed unearthly amounts of Black…