October 24, 2013


Now I understand why you always gave me perfume They must have felt like a reflection of yourself Sweet smelling, clinging to me – making me feel beautiful for a moment Then vapourise in an instant Can you ever get, if you never give? Will you ever understand? So many years have passed, yet I remember the scent A whiff remains on the leather strap of my watch, or maybe I imagine it I guess that’s all you’ll ever be A memory of the could have been.

July 27, 2013


See a drop of blood darken the snow Stare at a blinking light for hours Sit by the phone that never rings Stow away all the boxes Build a home with pillars of sawdust Make sure the floor is quicksand Slap the walls with posters of faith And then, paint the front door red Place your hand on the pulsating speaker Scream as loud as you can  Submerge yourself in water; hold your breath Come back gasping for air *** Sometimes no matter what you do, it never is enough Even when you run the hardest and for the longest time, you always come in second What do you do…