September 28, 2012

Tee Time

The luxuries of the opulent make for an abundant discussion. What can one not do with wallets bursting with currency. As I spend the first half of a very early Thursday morning at a plush golf course in uptown Muscat, this only become clearer. In recent times, golf has become one of the most exclusive, for-the-rich-only sports. It probably already was, in the West, but the trend has gradually travelled to this part of the world. Once, a long time ago – the Omani wealth was determined by how many camels one owned. Now, it is judged by a ‘hole-in-one’. I seem to find that rather amusing. Come weekends, Oman’s…

May 1, 2012


The summers seem to be finally taking a toll. The fucking pest is back at home. I have no money. Even Pinterest feels a tad mundane. ALL. All of my pairs of jeans have tears. I took off from work last week, just because I was bored. Heavily insomnia struck. S.O.S.

December 22, 2011

Distress Call!

The only emotion I constantly feel is boredom. My iPod recently broke down. I’m left with only the music on the BlackBerry. I simply cannot concentrate on anything. Haven’t finished a book in forever. The MasterChef series are ending! I’m tired of eating bread all the time. I would kill for a phulka and some anda bhurji. The greys seem to be on an increasing graph. It feels like its impossible to wake up in the mornings and drag myself to work. I’ve been reading travel magazines all week long and I know that a trip is nowhere in the picture. I was recently told that I’m single because I’m…