September 3, 2014

The Nikaah.

Sisters are a blessing.  I imagine if I had one of my own, I’d never feel the need of a best friend.  As far as memory takes me, the word always made me think of Pooja. She’s my first cousin and I met her once a year while on summer holidays. Those memories will last me a lifetime.  Spending afternoons listening to the radio and giggling.  Devouring watermelon and pomegranate sitting on the verandah grill, with our feet dangling. Hour long community baths.  Sharing scandalous secrets. Staying up nights and talking for hours.  Baking home made pizza. Jointly complaining about that one evil MamiJi. Shopping for trinkets.  Colour coordinating for…

July 15, 2013


Where do you come from? What do you look back to? What will you always remember? After a lot of years have passed. Let us go back. To the times. To the dreams. To the careless laughter. To bruised knees. To the sound of waves. And memories. Roots are important. They define you. That’s why its important to go back to them From time to time. *** आओ, उसे याद करें – जिस नीव पर खड़े.आओ, अब लौट चलें – अपनी जड़ से जुड़ें.                                     Jad Se Judein by Loreal Paris India | For Ma…

December 6, 2012


I’m often told that Bengali is such a beautiful language. Easy to understand. Sweet on the ears. Although, the ‘mother’ tongue is essentially Punjabi, my mother is fluent in Bengali as well. And my parents have done such a fabulous job passing it on to me. At a point of time, I could read and write effortlessly as well – but then one day I wrote Bengali in my Hindi exam paper in school and the writing was consciously stopped 🙂 Bengal had been the place to be in our country a few decades ago. An illustrious capital of the nation, the degradation happened so fast, our people are still living…

October 15, 2012

Almost Pujo

Today is Mahalaya. The invoking of life in the idol of Goddess Durga. The beginning of what will be an entire week, followed by a hangover of a month of festivities. Today is the  one day when almost everyone is awake at the break of dawn. Probably the only day when the people of Bengal tune into AIR to listen to Mahisashur Mardini by Birendra Krishna Bhadra and quietly hum along. Today the sky is supposedly the clearest blue. With a faint hint of cotton candy clouds. Today Ma Durga sets out on her long journey, kids in tow. Today, one must be in Calcutta. I am strongly reminded of…

August 21, 2012


I concur with Mr. Marley. I feel this more than ever because the childhood has been stripped of it. People around me cringe at the sight of an overcast or the rumbling of thunderclouds. The joy I feel is beyond description. So when I stepped out in Calcutta today and it rained cats and dogs, I could not help myself from flinging away the umbrella and soaking up the showers. Half an hour I walked the streets on my own, tasting the pure water and feeling them cleanse me. There’s hardly a feeling more satisfying.