I fear I am becoming faint-hearted. I find myself becoming increasingly affected by my surroundings, to the effect that I no longer feel happy. I am forced to drag myself around unwillingly, to work, around people, other places every single day. Change has always been something I have been terrified of. It scares me to even imagine uprooting myself from the current proximity, letting go of the few who I … Continue reading “Cowardice”


There have been so many days when I have sat and stared at the ‘New Post’ page, felt a flush of things I would like to let out, and ended up not being able to write anything. However, things are rather morose and have been looking down, through the past few weeks. Highlights: I missed yet another trip to the Taj Mahal I have yet again, been rendered homeless I … Continue reading “Sinking”

Falsification of the trust

It is not everyday that I get shocked by certain things which happen to me. Not anymore at least. But today I was. Unpleasantly. It is no surprise why people say that privacy should be maintained. Somehow it happens to me that I stumble across things which were never meant for my ears or eyes and I spend time in retrospect of what I had done to deserve this. All … Continue reading “Falsification of the trust”