August 4, 2013


So it’s finally here.  Three days away from embarking on the Europe trip, I have dreamed of, spent hours researching, made multiple documents for, I’m brimming with excitement.  From the time that I land in Munich, to the time I take off from Milan, I’m sure I will think of nothing else.  And yes, a 32 GB memory card has been purchased for my camera.  Summer in Europe awaits. See you all at the other end of August! PS: Happy 300th post to me 🙂

July 15, 2013


Where do you come from? What do you look back to? What will you always remember? After a lot of years have passed. Let us go back. To the times. To the dreams. To the careless laughter. To bruised knees. To the sound of waves. And memories. Roots are important. They define you. That’s why its important to go back to them From time to time. *** आओ, उसे याद करें – जिस नीव पर खड़े.आओ, अब लौट चलें – अपनी जड़ से जुड़ें.                                     Jad Se Judein by Loreal Paris India | For Ma…

June 28, 2013

June 29 | Three Decades

The first vivid memory that most of us probably have is time with our parents. And hence, in theme with today’s topic I am also able to write about two wonderful people that I have been blessed to be able to call my mother and father.  1983. Then.  2013. Now. On the 29th of June, 1983 they were married in a quiet ceremony in Calcutta. I have been a part of most of their journey afterwards and have seen them live the years, with an open heart, a smile on their faces and absolute strength.  I have heard stories from them about the time when they did not even have…

June 25, 2013

Day 25# Blessings. Something I was told, I might never forget

This one took an unnatural amount of thinking. I cannot explain why. And even now, I’m not sure if what I’m about to write about is actually something that I will never forget – but its the closest it will get.  Picture a Bengali wedding, or just any Indian wedding. Loads of relatives. Total chaos.  I love weddings. Even more when its in the family, and I can be completely involved in everything.  In one such occasion a few years ago, I had made myself particularly useful (something I love doing) – with organising and helping get things in place. Towards the end of the week long celebrations, one of…

February 13, 2013

The Korba Wedding.

The small wonders of life constantly surprise me.  I still smile thinking of how worried I was about moving to Delhi at the end of my post graduation. Little did I know that these would be some of the best years of my life.  Like I always maintain, the people matter most and this post is about one of the most amazing people who I came into close acquaintance with, during this time.  Allow me to introduce Ankita Chopra, aka Chops or Chopper.  One has to be tremendously blessed and fortunate to have such people in one’s life. And I’ve been just that.  From the mouldy paying-guest residence at Sector 14,…

December 6, 2012


I’m often told that Bengali is such a beautiful language. Easy to understand. Sweet on the ears. Although, the ‘mother’ tongue is essentially Punjabi, my mother is fluent in Bengali as well. And my parents have done such a fabulous job passing it on to me. At a point of time, I could read and write effortlessly as well – but then one day I wrote Bengali in my Hindi exam paper in school and the writing was consciously stopped 🙂 Bengal had been the place to be in our country a few decades ago. An illustrious capital of the nation, the degradation happened so fast, our people are still living…

October 31, 2012

Muscat Travelogue | As Sifah

So when a seven-day long holiday is declared by the Government, one’s natural reaction is – “Lets get the hell out of here!” I was no different. Having researched in detail about budget trips with the family, created excel sheets, pored over the maps of Istanbul, Tehran and Amman with great enthusiasm – I am now equipped to be your certified Middle East tour guide. As what usually happens to anything I am excited about, nothing materialised. Having to write polite decline emails to the travel consultants, I was in a rather rotten frame of mind. Sitting at home for nine days was simply not my idea of fun.  Keeping with…

August 2, 2012


It’s that day of the year. That day where all households in India get bustling to celebrate siblings. From when I was a child, its has been all a rather exciting affair to me. Sisters tie a thread around their brother’s hands, get gifts, the food is great – whats not to love! I’ve been a little less fortunate when it came to brothers. I have none that share my blood, but that hasn’t stopped me from sending bunches of couriers and letters to my cousins all around the world at this time of the year. It’s a wonderful relation to celebrate. Here’s to all my bhais and dadas –…

June 28, 2012

29 on 29

One uptight Bengali joint family. One mad Punjabi house of ‘Pinky Phulka Lao’. One very controversial, yet consensual wedding. Twenty-nine years of wedded bless. She grooves to Daler Mehndi. He worships W.A.Mozart. He does the dishes. She cooks like a wonder. She preserves. He disposes. Both love unconditionally. Through their differences, they have grown stronger. Happy twenty-ninth, Ma-Baba. No child could wish for more. June 29, 1983 | Calcutta  June 29, 2012 | Muscat

June 1, 2012

Country Roads

The exhilaration at booking tickets to go home is incomparable. Right out the window To familiar sights, people I love and the ocean. Here I come.