April 6, 2012

What If…

The mush movies have often been my bane. Everything is so dreamy about them, that they feel surreal. There are a few, however that have a few thoughts, moments, words that stay with me. Such was the story of ‘What If’ Regrets have always scared me. The thought of not being able to muster the courage to say or do something at the opportune moment and spend eons thinking about it, in retrospect. This post is in memory of the Hollywood flick, Letters To Juliet. The story was beautiful, lacked cinematic excellence but it touched my heart. Especially a letter that the protagonist writes, and I quote: “‘What’ and ‘if’…

February 29, 2012

In My Own Kind of Hell

I’m in my own kind of hell. I’m so afraid, I don’t even blink. I’m tired of waiting for the right moment, the right person, the right opportunity. I’m astonished at the magnitude of wrongness that is pulled off. Quietly. I’m confused and disillusioned. I’m worried. I’m sick of feeling lousy. I’m angry all the times. Not always without reason. I’m exhausted trying to explain the plans to myself. I’m in pain.

January 18, 2011

A juvenile, emotional fool

Hugest mistake ever to put your heart into things, more so, be attached to people and hope that they wouldn’t break your heart; Hoping against hope, I make the same mistake over and over to only find the theory proved right, time and again. Trust is dead. Somebody I cared for unconditionally thought me to be a sneak. Several others I thought to be significant misbehave all the time. I do nothing about it. Re-emphasis on the fact that I am a juvenile, emotional fool. My faith is dwindling.