July 12, 2015

Oprah Winfrey once said, and I would like to quote and edit:  “If friends people disappoint you over and over, that’s in large part your own fault. Once someone has shown a tendency to be self-centered indifferent, you need to recognize that and take care of yourself; people aren’t going to change simply because you want them to.” As I grow older, I see people drifting apart, little by little. Some friends cannot find time to check up on others or reply to emails. Some family cannot manage to remember important dates. Some spouses who couldn’t be bothered to buy each other flowers.  Some promises which have been long forgotten. As difficult…

December 29, 2014


I’ve always found poetry to be my favourite form of literature. Especially the sorts which have stories to tell in just four lines and keep you thinking for days after you read them. A friend shared this poem today and in light of some recent events, I thought they were some of the most beautiful and empowering verses I have read. Life hurls before us many choices – on making some we may feel delight or regret. It also brings forth several situations where we don’t have a say. Nothing can be done but be washed over by circumstance like a hapless bystander. What I find important here is that…

November 16, 2013


It never really is about time. The important thing is intention. You can spend a lifetime chasing. And not be able to move a heartstring. Then someone else steps in, and like magic they change. So when someone cannot make time for you Don’t take it personally It’s not like you lack anything Probably what you have is not what they’re looking for I have seen people cross oceans Heard stories of unbelievable things man is capable of The impossible has been done. Over and over. Only because of the resolve So please, don’t tell me you didn’t have time. The intent was what you lacked.

November 9, 2013


Don’t trust so easy Don’t wait by the phone Don’t fall too fast Don’t tell people how you feel Don’t draw the curtains Don’t let go of reality Don’t play Secret Santa Don’t intrude Don’t dream and say ‘Maybe, this could be it’ Don’t play that song on loop Don’t read that message and smile to yourself Don’t nurse the hurt Don’t give yourself away Don’t even think about it.

May 20, 2013

Words Are Wind.

Words are easy.  They are just the things you say. In a quick moment of passion. In a heated argument. Or in a second of thoughtlessness.   You can talk for hours and when you step out of a room, they may mean nothing.  I don’t believe in promises.  In those who build castles in the air. In dreams that need no foundation. In people who don’t think twice before they commit.  All it takes to ruin these, is just a whiff of air. A strong breeze.  What I can lean on is something I see. Something I can touch and know of permanence. Something I know is not a…

May 13, 2013

Dust, If You Must.

Dust if you must, but wouldn’t it be better, to paint a picture or write a letter, bake a cake or plant a seed, ponder the difference between want and need? Dust if you must, but there’s not much time, with rivers to swim and mountains to climb, music to hear and books to read, friends to cherish and life to lead. Dust if you must, but the world’s out there with the sun in your eyes, the wind in your hair, a flutter of snow, a shower of rain. this day will not come around again. Dust if you must, but bear in mind, old age will come and…

March 17, 2013

All The Difference

Thought for the day.  From Robert Frost and a set of brilliant graphic designers.  Dedicated to me and other people like me who know of the many options available, and struggle to choose between what they love and what they must do. Sometimes travelling a road frequented often might make all the difference. Sometimes otherwise.

February 23, 2013

One Day…

A toast. To the days when the roof was leaky. The midnight birthday revelries. To the horror that were exams. The peals of laughter at silly jokes at group study sessions. To the dreadful lack of nutrition. The small joys that chicken lollypops could bring. To missing family, but having friends around. The clouds floating through windows. To being angry with everything. The singing aloud while on trips. To not being able to afford almost everything. The jointly singing Happy Birthday Harry Potter. To thinking that this would never end. The weeping silently while saying goodbye. The years of struggle. The years of innocence. The years of joy. A toast to them…

January 16, 2013


Yesterday I turned the last page on the ‘Life of Pi’ and realised that there’s much I wanted to say about it. I had heard of the book when it had become a rage, but I never really got around to reading it. Then I saw the trailer of the Ang Lee directorial, and was intrigued by the story – like I have discussed in a previous post. There was a whole section on animals in the zoo. The pre-Pacific bit. I have never been a fan of putting animals and birds behind cages. One of the major reasons why I don’t enjoy zoos. But Yann Martel mentions that animals get accustomed…

September 12, 2012


Somehow it has already been a week at the new workplace and somehow I have to get used to the fact that Wednesday is the new Friday.   So evidently the weekend is here and I have to catch up on my sleep for the last five days. Did I mention that I wake up at 7 am and take a shared cab to be at work at 8? Yes, well – from a waking up at hald past eight and being in office at nine – I have come a long way.   Wednesdays used to be important from a ladies night point of view. There have been an…