November 27, 2014

‘I love the whole world’

I remember having wanted a gigantic world map from since I was little… Have you heard the Discovery Channel ‘I love the whole world’ jingle? It was playing in my head all the time while we were putting up my new 6 feet tall world map, which was a present to myself from Etsy – all the way from Bulgaria. Now I spent most of the day in my room daydreaming and plotting what part of the planet to step on, next! I love the mountains. I love the clear blue skies. I love big bridges. I love when great whites fly. I love the whole world. And all its sights and…

September 3, 2014

The Nikaah.

Sisters are a blessing.  I imagine if I had one of my own, I’d never feel the need of a best friend.  As far as memory takes me, the word always made me think of Pooja. She’s my first cousin and I met her once a year while on summer holidays. Those memories will last me a lifetime.  Spending afternoons listening to the radio and giggling.  Devouring watermelon and pomegranate sitting on the verandah grill, with our feet dangling. Hour long community baths.  Sharing scandalous secrets. Staying up nights and talking for hours.  Baking home made pizza. Jointly complaining about that one evil MamiJi. Shopping for trinkets.  Colour coordinating for…

February 15, 2014

Go further, to get closer

I don’t usually indulge in blogging competitions and especially the sponsored sorts.  But this one is different. A combination of two passions – one a brand I loved, having worked with them in the past, and the other being the obvious – travel.  To understand BA’s new India campaign, you’ll have to watch this advert first: I had read somewhere that you never know a person until you travel with them. Or watch them use a computer/device with slow Internet. And I believe both these statements to be true. In the everyday rut that that life becomes, nothing is more important than breaking away once in a while. While I…

February 8, 2014

Million Miles Away

You probably don’t know Theodore Twombly.  Frankly, neither do I.  But the story of this shy and subdued man, who writes other people’s letters for a living is one which has moved the world, reduced many to tears and got other thinking about ‘What is love’… In times like these where the word is glorified, wrapped in pink and made larger than life – I could connect best with this description from a blog that I came across.  “What is love? – It’s companionship. It’s sharing experiences with another. It’s storage filled with memories and the past – and a past together with someone. It’s knowing you are not alone…

November 25, 2013

From Italy, with love…

I remember the first time I tasted this little piece of Italian heaven. In a relatively new café known as ‘Sweet Chariot’ – way back in 2005; it felt so good, I almost assumed that there could be no way that one could possibly make it at home. During the recent trip to Italy, I got the parents to sample it and they loved it so much, that I thought I must try, even though I still don’t know how to pronounce Savoiardi or even Mascarpone –for that matter. So I scouted for the easiest and most convincing recipe on the internet and made it happen this weekend. A slight…

November 15, 2013


The sky is a shade of crimson The winds are so strong that people are running for cover The lightning cracking down like a whip And the thunder is growling back in response The calm before the storm has passed The rains are here. The once or twice a year ones. How can I not rejoice? Tried to not waste too much time today attempting to capture the perfect lightning strike shot Went up to the terrace and got soaked to the bone Ah, joy. 

November 13, 2013

A New Backpack

2013 has been so good to me Had to pack my bags every couple of months The travel folder in my Mailbox has been alive and kicking Almost exhausted myself writing travelogues I’ve had to fight opinions and advice about spending on travels. And this is exactly what I had to tell them. I’ve already got a couple of ideas for the next year: Buy a new backpack Meet some people I haven’t seen for a while Go somewhere by myself Take another trip with close friends, if it works out See some more snow Pay someone a surprise visit perhaps And maybe even Latin America, who knows… Yes, I…

November 10, 2013

Person Of Interest

Lately, I’ve been overdosing on television shows.  I used to be faithful to good old Criminal Minds, and flirt with Game of Thrones for a bit and then follow it up with Lie to Me, with a hint of Bones thrown in.  Now I’m all over the place.  Afraid to finish Criminal Minds and Bones, thinking what would happen once I got to the end, halfway through the first season of Elementary, waiting the endless wait for Season 3 of Sherlock while hoping for House of Cards to get their act together and bring back Kevin Spacey and the hot Robin Wright, disturbed by what was happening to Carrie in…

November 5, 2013

Ebb & Flow

How I have missed walking barefoot on the beach Playing that familiar game with the ebb and flow Sand so warm and comforting Sea foam kissing my feet gently I could stay there forever Listening to the waves whisper Gazing out into the horizon Breathing in the salty air I will always love the sea.

October 27, 2013


Italy was the last country of our three-week long trip, and honestly, the bit that I was most excited about! Driving through the Brenner Pass, a mountain pass along the border between Italy and Austria we crossed numerous apple orchards and vineyards and began to spot the Italian part of the Alps in a Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara sort of frame, where an endless stretch of road continued with grapes growing on either side of the road and the towering ice tipped mountains looked down on them. Buongiorno We were headed towards Italy’s northern-most major city of Venice! It is one of those places you have seen just too many times…