November 27, 2014

‘I love the whole world’

I remember having wanted a gigantic world map from since I was little… Have you heard the Discovery Channel ‘I love the whole world’ jingle? It was playing in my head all the time while we were putting up my new 6 feet tall world map, which was a present to myself from Etsy – all the way from Bulgaria. Now I spent most of the day in my room daydreaming and plotting what part of the planet to step on, next! I love the mountains. I love the clear blue skies. I love big bridges. I love when great whites fly. I love the whole world. And all its sights and…

December 29, 2013

2013 | Resolution Rehash

This year was mostly a blur.  I know I say it almost every year, but this one was truly exceptional. Day after day, months ran past me – and it is already time to re-look at the goals-of-the-year and check things off the list (hopefully) and put down the highlights of the year! 2013 was satisfying. It had it lows, but the highs outweighed them in all regards. I set myself thirteen goals for the year and I don’t think I did too badly.  Language. The attempt to better my dismal Arabic skills. Not much progress on this front, the lack of mobility disallowed classes, but my colloquial spoken is much…

November 19, 2013

Anger Management

This has been spoken about on the blog previously.  It’s an old evil.  But what can I do to get a grip? I cannot punch the wall Or do push ups to save my life Writing is not satisfying enough And chocolate doesn’t help So I tried something new… Stepped out of the office, power walked in the Sun for 40 minutes with really loud music playing in my ear. I’ve returned sweaty, not smelling so nice and colleagues are volunteering to take me home to change before the press conference this afternoon.  I feel calmer, but not completely myself.  Fuck this shit. 

November 12, 2013

Happiness Is…

I’m sure we’ve all been inundated by the ‘Happiness Is…’ posts on Facebook – little things that make people happy demonstrated by a cartoon representation.  While I didn’t associate with most because several of them were personally generated. For example: Happiness is… having confidence to take over the world. Not.  Trying to stay close to reality here, here are a couple of things that make me happy. Unconditionally happy.  So, to me – happiness is… – Sitting alone in a cafe with a book and my thoughts. Of course the right company only adds  – Floating with eyes shut in a pool when there’s no one around – Thunderstorms –…

June 24, 2013

Day 24# The Worst In Me…

Not to sound conceited or anything, but I’ve always had people tell me nice things about myself. Either I really am pretty awesome, or am surrounded by very kind people.  Since I have little experience being told of my negatives, the three below are mostly my observations: # I overspend. I find it really difficult to save money. Whenever I have a sufficient amount in the account, I cannot seem to keep it. My father has always told me the importance of being prudent with finances, but I think I need more time, or a jolt (I hope not) to actually implement it.  # I am overtly emotional and sensitive….

June 21, 2013

Day 21# Yours Truly

It happens once in a while, that something that you happen to write seems to resonate with others and reflect a thought in the wholeness of the feeling. These are six posts which I have written in happiness, peace, anger, confusion or a concoction of all of the same. Whenever I read them, I feel like I’m doing something worthwhile, on this platform. Keep Calm & Carry On – about the white text on the red background, that means so much more than just something printed on a key chain or a coffee mug. The Elusive Divine – my thoughts on God and varying perceptions of him that I have…

June 3, 2013

Day 1# A Short Story

So the first one is – 250 words about me.  Single child, raised in one of the quietest and most peaceful countries in the GCC.  A blessed, protected childhood. And then the action began. Moved to India for higher education when I was 17. Young. Foolish. Excited. Not aware of the ways of the world.  Pune. Calcutta. Pune.  Before I knew it, I has a Masters degree in Communication Management and was employed at the Gurgaon office of numero uno Public Relations firm in the globe. Some of the best years of my life. Some of the best friends I made and the fondest memories came out of the decade I…

October 22, 2012

Magic in the Mundane.

Do you ever think that social media might just be creeping into our minds sneakily and filing it with poisonous thoughts? Do you sigh quietly, looking at the very many albums of your Facebook ‘friend’ who just sky-dived in Maui, took macro pictures in Petra, ate scones in Central London or posed with the snow at Jungfrau? Do you sometimes feel that you would better off, unwired? Does it ever occur to you that everyone in the world is having more fun than you are? Are you bothered by the fact that the Gujarati boy in school who couldn’t speak a word of English and shied away from anything that…

August 21, 2012


I concur with Mr. Marley. I feel this more than ever because the childhood has been stripped of it. People around me cringe at the sight of an overcast or the rumbling of thunderclouds. The joy I feel is beyond description. So when I stepped out in Calcutta today and it rained cats and dogs, I could not help myself from flinging away the umbrella and soaking up the showers. Half an hour I walked the streets on my own, tasting the pure water and feeling them cleanse me. There’s hardly a feeling more satisfying.

May 3, 2012

Two Years Since

And it seems like just the other day when I was on the flight from Muscat to Gurgaon. A city which I had heard only evil things about – so near the big bad Delhi (as most Bengalis perceive and teach their children), where everything is ‘unsafe’, extremely expensive, impersonal and positively scary. Just the other day that I was looking for paying-guest rooms and people to stay with in this new city. Just the other day that I was meekly walking through the doors of a company called Edelman India. Today marks two years to that day. What an extraordinary journey it has been. I have learned much – in the business…