January 20, 2011

Jim Reeves

Lyrics dedicated to the state of mind. Who says only love can cause heartbreaks. I’m just on the blue side of lonesomeRight next to the heartbreak hotelIn a tavern that’s known as three teardropsOn a bar stool not doing so well The floor has a carpet of sorrow But no one can weep in the aisle And they say someone broke the bar mirrorWith only the ghost of a smile The hands on the clock never alterFor things never change in this place There’s no present no past, no future We’re the ones who’ve lost in hope’s race. I’m just on the blue side of lonesome..

December 30, 2010

( ng g r)

Anger is the point where all sense stops. Have heard of the experience from several people; when angry, most of the things done or said are regretted either immediately or later. But that doesn’t stop people from being angry, for others to be responsible for causing that anger, or at times to egg on the cause. The management of the said anger is the key. How does one control or divert the anger? Should it be diverted at all? Is it not better to get it out of the system permanently? Just the other day I was having this hour long conversation with a friend on how anger could be…