December 25, 2014

A Christmas Story

On Christmas day, I wanted to share a story that I came across a few days ago – and it moved me immensely.  Brought to popularity this year by Sainsbury’s, this advertisement was made in partnership with the Royal British Legion commemorating the events of the Christmas Day truce in 1914. It is especially poignant due to the fact that this year marks the centenary of the First World War  It is said that in a historic display of humanity, at around midnight on Christmas eve in 1914, German and Allied armies began to sing ‘Silent Night’ and the original ‘Stille Nacht’ from opposite sides of the battlefield. Nobody knows…

June 3, 2013

Day 1# A Short Story

So the first one is – 250 words about me.  Single child, raised in one of the quietest and most peaceful countries in the GCC.  A blessed, protected childhood. And then the action began. Moved to India for higher education when I was 17. Young. Foolish. Excited. Not aware of the ways of the world.  Pune. Calcutta. Pune.  Before I knew it, I has a Masters degree in Communication Management and was employed at the Gurgaon office of numero uno Public Relations firm in the globe. Some of the best years of my life. Some of the best friends I made and the fondest memories came out of the decade I…

November 11, 2012

Footwear Fables

Who said shoes are just things you walk in? Shoes are memoirs.  Of the places you have been. Of the squares you walk in. Of distances you have travelled. More than often, they know more secrets than your best friend. Ballerinas. Mary Janes. Converses. Penny Loafers. Oxfords. Flip-flops. *** This is a story of a flat who wanted to be a heel. Give it a watch, you won’t be disappointed.

September 26, 2012


There was a boy. He was everything any girl could dream of. He would do just anything to see her smile. He always had a handkerchief to lend and a shoulder to cry on. He went out of his way – too many times. He would treat her mother as his own. He loved her voice. He would make cards and write letters to her. He knew exactly what could cheer her dampened spirit. He was always only a phone call away. He saved up his meagre pocket-money to buy her an insanely expensive book that she loved and couldn’t afford. He knew the magic that jalebis could do. He…