November 16, 2013


It never really is about time. The important thing is intention. You can spend a lifetime chasing. And not be able to move a heartstring. Then someone else steps in, and like magic they change. So when someone cannot make time for you Don’t take it personally It’s not like you lack anything Probably what you have is not what they’re looking for I have seen people cross oceans Heard stories of unbelievable things man is capable of The impossible has been done. Over and over. Only because of the resolve So please, don’t tell me you didn’t have time. The intent was what you lacked.

April 2, 2013

Time Flies

Seems like just the other day that I was writing about my first day at my new job, and today marks six months of me being here.  It has been quite the journey, I must say. I’ve written things I thought I was never capable of, learned so much about Oman that surprised me, met some really great people at work, attended the most hilarious meetings and felt like quite a boss. Unlike in India, the photograph-taking culture here isn’t all that prevalent – so on the occasion  I thought I’d put up the group picture we took for the company profile and write a little about the people who have become my team here….

May 3, 2012

Two Years Since

And it seems like just the other day when I was on the flight from Muscat to Gurgaon. A city which I had heard only evil things about – so near the big bad Delhi (as most Bengalis perceive and teach their children), where everything is ‘unsafe’, extremely expensive, impersonal and positively scary. Just the other day that I was looking for paying-guest rooms and people to stay with in this new city. Just the other day that I was meekly walking through the doors of a company called Edelman India. Today marks two years to that day. What an extraordinary journey it has been. I have learned much – in the business…

August 31, 2011

This is the thing

I’ve been quite the fool And you’ve quietly let me I am lonely And you see me fight it alone I know you cause me pain And I should colour you black I try to wrench you open And every single time I fail I’ve no fight left in me But the eyes blazed with ambition and confidence I don’t know if you’ve even noticed at all That lately the eyes are blurring I feel the secret’s out And you smile behind my back Your mind’s made up And your heart is closed You might lend me your hand But your heart is shut away I dont know if you…

July 4, 2011

Time of My Life

It never rains when you want it to. Life is unpredictable, as are the people who form it. That seems to my biggest problem with it. Why cannot we stay still for a while, why cannot things that have taken months and years to perfect, not rest a little for a moment – just so that one can admire the effort put into creating them. The older and the wiser tell me that this is the way of the world, that this is what is meant to be, this is what is necessary for the circle of the life to go on. My profound thoughts deeply triggered by the number…

May 24, 2011


I fear I am becoming faint-hearted. I find myself becoming increasingly affected by my surroundings, to the effect that I no longer feel happy. I am forced to drag myself around unwillingly, to work, around people, other places every single day. Change has always been something I have been terrified of. It scares me to even imagine uprooting myself from the current proximity, letting go of the few who I truly care for, thinking that I would never have this again. In this process, I am suffocating myself. I am binding myself to an environment which no longer holds anything positive for me – there is no trust, no laughter,…

March 1, 2011

It is time

It feels right. Just the time to give up. Even though I might never really be able to let go, now is the time to prepare my heart and mind. It is time.