November 1, 2013

Delhi October

Getting started with the November project, I wanted the first post to be about something happy that I am thankful for. When I first heard that the Eid-ul-Adha holidays in Oman were going to be a week long (Yay for living in Oman – UAE only got three days πŸ˜›), my first reaction was to pledge that I wouldn’t stay in and mope about the lack of exciting things to do. After a series of elaborate plans didn’t work out (more on those on the next post), I decided that October would be a great time to visit Delhi and catch up with some of the people there. After all,…

August 4, 2013


So it’s finally here.  Three days away from embarking on the Europe trip, I have dreamed of, spent hours researching, made multiple documents for, I’m brimming with excitement.  From the time that I land in Munich, to the time I take off from Milan, I’m sure I will think of nothing else.  And yes, a 32 GB memory card has been purchased for my camera.  Summer in Europe awaits. See you all at the other end of August! PS: Happy 300th post to me πŸ™‚

June 11, 2013

Day 11# Wanderlust

Travel! Now this is what I call exciting content. Ah, the thought is so refreshing. It has not even been a month that I’ve been back from my American vacation and am already itching to pack my bags and set off on another trip! In my mind, there are two distinct travel to-do lists. One is the achievable list and the other is the aspirational.  But this post is about the former. With a lot of difficulty, I have narrowed the plentiful options to ten. So here are the places which I intend to cover in the next ten years of my life. Australia Its right at the other end…

July 28, 2011

Solo Γ¨ buono

I have always skeptical of loneliness as a concept. I have evolved over the years and now I quite enjoy my alone time; In fact, I quite look forward to it. I’m rather fond of travelling along – metro stations, airports, taxis to buses and autos; I love eating alone with a book; Walking on my own with my music is the best form of relaxation. Going to watch a movie on my own I have yet not conquered, but the thought of it does not seem so revolting anymore. Came across a report on why one should travel alone – to destinations. It triggered a thought that I’m way…

June 9, 2011

Summer Tales

Although I cannot stop complaining about the way my life is increasingly edging towards mundane, looking back at my photo albums, there seems to have been a lot of movement. There seems to be a lot happening and I haven’t been able to keep account of the activities, so in no particular order, here goes: # Ridhima got married. Swetha, Bhardwaj and I splurged on an air-conditioned cab to get there and be a part of her big day in Jaipur. It was my first trip to Rajasthan and while I was awestruck by all its Rajputana majesty and grandeur; I would never recommend that anyone visit during peak summers….

April 25, 2011

The Good Friday Weekend!

It all began with a phone call and an extended Good Friday vacation which I had presumed I would be spending on my own in the onset of summers. I had been complaining for a while of my lack of travel ever since I had moved to Gurgaon, not very far away from completing a year now. Not that opportunity did not come my way, but somehow none of them worked out. This however, is the account of one which did. A trip to Himachal Pradesh, specifically, Thanedar; The route being rather longish looked somewhat like this: Delhi –> Ambala –> Kalka –> Shimla –> Narkanda –> Thanedar (and then…

March 17, 2011


There have been so many days when I have sat and stared at the ‘New Post’ page, felt a flush of things I would like to let out, and ended up not being able to write anything. However, things are rather morose and have been looking down, through the past few weeks. Highlights: I missed yet another trip to the Taj Mahal I have yet again, been rendered homeless I am going to be alone on Holi I can feel the summers coming back I am, for the first time in my life, regretting a career decision I am giving up on people I have not used my camera, apart…

March 20, 2010


It is the last few days of the post graduation course, and there has been so much happening. The Dissertation, project reports, html backlog preparations (that is exclusively for me, and a few of my brethren, packing, and nostalgia packed into little bits through all of it. The farewell party was a happening too, and I thought it to be one of the nicest parties we have had in the duration of course. Bitten by ‘Darpanitis‘ (a new found terminology,for a disease usually used for another friend), I shall explain why the party was brilliant: a)It was a newer place, The One, off Koregaon Park (although, I am extremely fond…