June 25, 2013


Sometimes cupid hovers around you, with an embellished arrow And you are too blind to notice Wrapped up in your little selfish world Unaware. Unconscious. Unaffected. Then, the jolt. A glass shatters into millions of shards. What did you see when you awoke from your coma? Did you find yourself in a dark corner? It truly is too late now  The wedding bells are ringing in the distance All you can do is drown your blood in alcohol And feel the world spin past you I know it burns, but you have no one to blame *** Just one question Can I call you tonight?

May 13, 2013


An odd sense of delirium sweeps over me I close my eyes and see steaming sewer grates While violins are playing Viva La Vida in my head A quiet ache, with an unknown cause No known faces among the maddening crowd A familiar place, where you have little to discover A park bench that will be etched in your memory forever An odd sense of delirium. A maze of unconnected dots.