September 15, 2012

Everything Is Not Quite Enough

I want to drive myself to work. I want the car to have a stereo where I can play my junk music. I want to fit into regular people’s clothes. I want to live in London, for a while. I want to record a song. Something classical-based. I want to learn to ride a bicycle. I want it to rain for at least six months a year. I want to learn to play the cello. I want to figure out what foreign language I will learn. I want to be able to wear heels and walk in them. I want a cosy little apartment to call my own. I want a dog….

December 7, 2011

It’s a first!

Earlier into the year, I had written about the desire for lone travelling and mentioned that the solitude, in some cases was one of my biggest fears. Although I enjoy my alone time immensely and quite often crave for more, watching a movie in a theatre alone has been something I was yet to tread on. I have always dreaded it thinking that it was the sort of thing loners took to. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Over the past two weeks, my backlog of movies had increased exponentially – too many movies released and I hadn’t been able to watch them due to work, being out-of-station and more…

September 17, 2011

New Diary

The goodbyes are always the most difficult. I’ve done this year on year, and although I believe I have grown stronger, it shakes me up to think that tomorrow this time, I wont be here. Not in this room, not in this country. Not with the people I care for most. Sometimes, I wonder to myself – they years are so precious and we spend them trying to prove all kinds of things to ourselves and others. In twenty years from today, will there be any regrets? And how would I console myself if there are. Choices are aplenty and I do not understand why I choose to do what…

April 1, 2011

Just Say Yes!

Been tripping on ‘Just Say Yes’ by Snow Patrol, ever since I stumbled across it today! Makes me strangely optimistic, not to forget the lights in the video which gives me a feeling of swimming underwater! Here’s to April, my most favourite month – hoping that I’ll be the ‘Yes-Woman’ 🙂