May 26, 2016


Whenever I was asked the casual “So, where are you from?” question, I found myself debating the answer in my head. Should I say Calcutta, where I was born? Or is it Oman, where I spent over two decades? Eventually, I always launch into a lengthy explanation which probably made the person asking the question immediately regret it! Ha. The beautiful, yet relatively undiscovered Sultanate I grew up in is where my mind goes to, when I think of a happy place. There aren’t any nosy relatives here, no politics, no negativity. Just my family, pristine beaches, clear blue skies and really amazing shawarma. What’s not to love! But it…

June 17, 2014

Terima Kasih, Bali

I hardly ever procrastinate when it comes to travelogues, but I guess this maddening summer and the backlog of television series have collectively contributed to the laziness. This year’s first step out was owed to a work trip to a part of the world that I haven’t been to since I was in my teens. The Indonesian archipelago has 18,307 islands and I was going to visit one of the most popular ones – Bali. Known as the child star of Indonesia who rose to a life of stardom and has been on the lips of every traveller dreaming of a tropical getaway – Bali is lush, culturally unique and…

December 23, 2013

Sun ~ Sea ~ Sand

There used to be a time when I didn’t mind working weekends, lots of consecutive weekends. Late hours. Pizza for all three meals. Doing the work of three people at less than the basic wage rate of a American Mc Donald’s fries maker.  Those days are long gone. As have the reasons why I even enjoyed the crazy times.  So when I was asked to staff a weekend media event, the obviously reaction was to think of calling in sick. But then the hibernating little Jiminy Cricket inside mumbled something about being an abominable bore and I thought that a day on a beach couldn’t really be that bad –…

September 3, 2013


One year ago, today I stepped into the minaret shaped door of my current firm, having returned to the city I grew up in. I thought it would be tougher. More trying. I’ve been surprised. But despite the odds, the last year has been a good one, I have to say. I’ve not been the most satisfied on the career front. That remains the only sore point. I spent quality time with family. The positive outcome shows on all three of us. I saved a lot of money. Travelled to my heart’s content. I made a couple of friends at work. Not the kind that I left behind in India….

June 15, 2013

Day 15# Just Another Day.

A usual day in my life is really not much to talk about – just the general work, home routine where one doesn’t even realise how the weeks and then months fly past.  So I thought pictures would add a definite zing (as mentioned in the challenge) – but a picture an hour seemed a bit much, so here we go – a condensed version of a day in my life – in photographs.  That bus stop is where I wait for the company car which takes me to work at 8 am. (Good morning) صباح الخير Sometimes, I go to meetings in James’ Jeep, Rebecca’s Pradoor Malcolm’s Scirocco! Choices,…

June 6, 2013

Day 6# Communications 101

Public Relations. Definitely not the career I dreamed of when I was little – on May 03 this year, I completed four years of being in this profession. What is it I do? I manage reputations for brands. As a Public Relations professional, my job entails maintaining a favorable public image of an organisation, a person or brands or all of these together. I was very lucky to be recruited by the now reining czars in the PR world – an independently owned firm by the name of Edelman. For almost three years, I had the prized opportunity to be a part of exclusive events and represent the best of…

April 2, 2013

Time Flies

Seems like just the other day that I was writing about my first day at my new job, and today marks six months of me being here.  It has been quite the journey, I must say. I’ve written things I thought I was never capable of, learned so much about Oman that surprised me, met some really great people at work, attended the most hilarious meetings and felt like quite a boss. Unlike in India, the photograph-taking culture here isn’t all that prevalent – so on the occasion  I thought I’d put up the group picture we took for the company profile and write a little about the people who have become my team here….

December 8, 2012

Base Shift.

And just when I thought I was getting used to the violently red and yellow walls at my new workplace, we’ve been shifted to a new location. The team has expanded so violently that there seems to be no way to accommodate us in the existing facility. Thus, came into the picture a sprawling villa at Muscat’s sort-of-posh ‘Al-Sarooj’ locale. The enclosure I sit in is in an absolute corner – so we can all guess what I’m going to do in my leisure! It has many more windows. Actually there’s so much sun that I have had to write to HR asking for some blinds. Its nice.  As is customary, I…

October 3, 2012


Seems like just the other day that I was packing bags and cartons to send via Gati to Kolkata. Only last week that I walked into the cabin at Edelman India to say goodbye. Just the last weekend that I had such a gloriously drunken time with the girls at home. And just like that I look at the calendar and it’s been a month at Zeenah today. It’s a funny feeling. I don’t know whether to be surprised at the fact that four weeks have rushed by. Or whether to wonder why I keep regular tabs on Edelman and what happens there. I haven’t written much about my work…

September 9, 2012

New Innings

So I finally did make the move. After a very crazy August, where I spent a lot of time in airports and questioned myself repeatedly about the decision that I had taken – I find myself in a new place, surrounded by new people in an absolutely new environment altogether. The comfort zone is a really prized concept. I don’t know how people do this frequently. This wrapping up one life and starting another, in a wink. I have so much baggage – literally and metaphorically, that even the thought of doing this again exhausts me. Today is my fourth day at work at Zeenah PR, and there’s not a moment that goes…