December 28, 2012

11 | 12: Twelve Moments Through The Viewfinder

I must confess that this year has seen less of my DSLR and much more of the iPhone camera. Owing to Instagram, a lot of the phone camera photographs taken got absolutely different dimensions and made it to this second last round up post for the year.
Photographs are memoirs of the times. They help me remember things of the old, things that I have probably long forgotten.

Of the ones I have taken, these are my top twelve for the year.

Chocolate chip cake. Just out of the oven.

Baby neice Joey on  Saraswati Pujo.
Love the sun on her face.

The London Eye & the Big Ben.
Point of conjunction.

Benz in the sky.

Of my numerous droplet pictures, this is the most loved.
From the airplane window at IGI T3.

Bokeh. In colour.

The Lightning Strike.

One of the many beautiful sunsets, and the orange couches.

Glamour Girl Martini.

Lemon tea and the rains.
Edelman India.

A painting of sun and the clouds.
Bougainvillea against an overcast.
 And the very last of the series: 12 Learnings from the year.

0 thoughts on “11 | 12: Twelve Moments Through The Viewfinder

  1. @ Aiyo: I did, yes!!! I was staring at them thunder-clouds, iPhone in hand. It was at least ten shots before I got this one – very special to me 🙂

  2. I'm sure it is.. a dream for every nature photographer..!!! Sigh… when will i get one.. Envy you know.. envy… first the tattoo and then this.. and the scuba diving… Damn Aiyo..!!!

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