Today I came across a blog that was celebrating International Mobile Photography Day, an event established by Nokia; and I thought that I simply had to write about it. October 20 (10/20) has no specific significance, but I think it’s a great cause to celebrate in line with the brand’s new phones which I’ve heard have really great cameras. You might say that Nokia is a lost cause, but this … Continue reading “10/20”

Day 28# WWW.

The internet universe. The answer to almost every question minds can perceive. A constant source of entertainment. At times when all has been down, a funny image on Facebook or a video of brides falling into their wedding cakes has provided solace. While in Delhi, I maintained a little folder of images I fell in love with, that I came across on the world wide web. Most of them are … Continue reading “Day 28# WWW.”

Day 17# *Click*

Photograph albums were one of my favourite pastimes growing up, and even though I’ve managed to scan most of the pictures and saved them in my external hard drives, I refer to them from time to time, when I’m in Muscat or Calcutta.  It is a very difficult task – to pick a favourite picture of myself. I’ve been lucky to have parents with the love of documentation (Yes, that’s … Continue reading “Day 17# *Click*”

Marina Thursday

The ocean getaway was being planned for a while now, but the winds just weren’t cooperating. So this Thursday morning, when my colleague Rebecca texted me to say that WindFinder was predicting waveless seas, I was up at 7 am all dressed and read to hit the blue! Rebecca and her husband own a lovely little motorboat here and take it out on weekends from the Bander Al Rowdha Marina. … Continue reading “Marina Thursday”

11 | 12: Twelve Moments Through The Viewfinder

I must confess that this year has seen less of my DSLR and much more of the iPhone camera. Owing to Instagram, a lot of the phone camera photographs taken got absolutely different dimensions and made it to this second last round up post for the year. Photographs are memoirs of the times. They help me remember things of the old, things that I have probably long forgotten. Of the … Continue reading “11 | 12: Twelve Moments Through The Viewfinder”


Isn’t it almost magical when something you least expect comes to life? It was an identical emotion when dark clouds appeared out of the blue and there were raindrops on my head this Thursday. Like I have told many, seeing a cloud cover used to prompt us to ask for a ‘free period’ in school.  The magnitude of actual precipitation can be imagined. Rumbling thunder, cracks of lightning, subtle showers.  Makes for any … Continue reading “Mirage”


Over a year ago, I had first heard of Instagram and seen what filters can do to seemingly boring photographs. After my recent rendezvous with the mind-blowing iPhone I have actually spent some quality time with the app and it is safe to say that I’m an Instagram addict! Captures from the season through the #instagram lens 🙂 Droplets! My favourite! View from an auto-rickshaw Rear-view Brolly and wet tiles … Continue reading “Insta!”

The Second Sunday of May

Since yesterday was Mother’s Day, it gives me immense happiness to reflect into how blessed I am to be born to mine. For so very many reasons.  ♥ Did you know that the official Mother’s Day flowers are carnations?

April Wedding

I can still remember Rashi from the graduation days – when I did not know her, she seemed to be an introvert, quiet, with a pleasing personality. In second year, destiny brought us together in a beautiful apartment in Viman Nagar as room mates. The rest has been history. She was my sister-in-arms, friend and comic relief for two whole years. We have innumerable memories, photographs and moments that I treasure. … Continue reading “April Wedding”

Pinning Away!

When I first heard of Pinterest, my first reaction was that of being wary. Just like I had been distrustful of Facebook when it had arrived. On an impulse, I signed up almost a week ago and I’ve been ecstatic ever since. The network is like something I have always maintained in my personal computer – I still have folders which read Movie Posters, Interesting Advertisements, Shoes, Food Photography and … Continue reading “Pinning Away!”