Distress Call!

The only emotion I constantly feel is boredom.

My iPod recently broke down. I’m left with only the music on the BlackBerry.

I simply cannot concentrate on anything. Haven’t finished a book in forever.

The MasterChef series are ending!

I’m tired of eating bread all the time. I would kill for a phulka and some anda bhurji.

The greys seem to be on an increasing graph.

It feels like its impossible to wake up in the mornings and drag myself to work.

I’ve been reading travel magazines all week long and I know that a trip is nowhere in the picture.

I was recently told that I’m single because I’m not girly enough.

My favourite pair of jeans ripped last week.

My GK is dipping. I couldn’t remember what the capital of Hungary was.

Its Christmas in every mall and at office, but I don’t feel the cheer.

In short, this sucks. Also, I’m bored.

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