Real Beauty

I’ve never been a huge fan of Dove’s products, save for a body lotion with sparkle in it (Yes, it can make you feel like a Cullen for while), but I’ve always followed their ‘Real Beauty’ social campaign as I knew that Edelman Digital was behind it.
But one of their adverts I came across today, made me think about beauty. If you haven’t already seen it – here it is:
I know so many people, who – to me are absolutely beautiful. Someone’s got the perfect jawline, the other the most stunning tresses. One of them has a smile that can light up anyone’s day and the other has eyes which you cannot get enough of photographing. I know of the girl with the flawless skin, and the one with the most perfect scar around her eyebrow and of course the one with the beautiful hands. In all probability  these people don’t believe these things.
I don’t know about men, but most of us women actually don’t know/ don’t completely understand the beauty we possess. Many of us don’t have the most perfectly sculpted backs or the perfect teeth or even those long legs to show off. But I believe that shouldn’t make us feel any less wanted. 
What is real beauty? 
Is it simply an eye pleasing attribute? Or is beauty really skin deep? 
In all honestly, I will always think that my Mother, Grandmother, Bhua and a few of my friends are among the loveliest faces I have looked upon, and each of them are indeed head turners. None of them have supermodel features, so I wonder how this works.
While I was contemplating about beauty, I looked up my Pinterest famous people board and made a little collage of the top of my mind six women in the entertainment industry, whom I cannot take my eyes off. Sigh.

Clockwise from left bottom: Amanda Peet, Julie Andrews, Emily Deschanel,
Catherine Zeta Jones, Kajol and Marion Cotillard.

This reminded me of the ‘hot men’ collage I used to make in Gurgaon for my work desk, which reached such popularity that a number of women colleagues demanded customised copies 🙂

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