After publishing a whopping three posts in all of last year, I promised myself in January of 2017 that this year would be different. It had to. But all of the first month was spent draped in the weight of some critically incorrect decisions I had made formerly. I couldn’t keep my word. I have much to say about the previous year, There were highs, lows, really low lows and when it felt like I had hit rock bottom – I found that there was still a rather long way further to sink.

I talk about this in the past tense not because they are over. Not because all the problems have disappeared with a poof. And certainly not because I feel fantastic. The situation is – if I may say – quite the opposite.

Just this morning – I was talking to myself (a rather frequent pastime of mine) about what it would feel like if I were hit by a truck today – or what it would be like, if the sky did fall on our heads, like the Gauls believed. Would I be happy? Would I feel regret? Would I tell myself – “What if I had bought myself some of that coconut cream pie I love, instead of being morose and staring at my phone all day? Wouldn’t that be better?”

As I have an advantage of an empty flat in the mornings, I said aloud – What if I stopped worrying? What in the world would happen? Thinking and overthinking have never solved any problems. They only make people very ill, boring and cause dark circles. And heavens, none of those sound appetising.

So, I thought that a grand way to get this different regime started was to do something I love. Write.

A lot has happened in 2016, hence, hopefully I won’t run out of content.