Par Avion!

I cannot stress enough on how much I miss receiving mail.  What would I not give to come to office and have the receptionist hand me something that had travelled across the globe to me. Or even the feeling of anticipation of going to my post box and seeing mail there.  It is not always possible to depend on people to make that happen, so I used to indulge in … Continue reading “Par Avion!”

I’ve got mail!

One of the worst mornings in quite a while, and as soon as I stepped into office, the receptionist handed me a little green envelope, and it’s been so long that I took a moment to register – I had mail 🙂 It’s strange that any kind of electronic communication is christened ‘mail’. To me, those hold a very different place. Mail is real genuine mails, written by hand, posted … Continue reading “I’ve got mail!”