October 22, 2012

Magic in the Mundane.

Do you ever think that social media might just be creeping into our minds sneakily and filing it with poisonous thoughts? Do you sigh quietly, looking at the very many albums of your Facebook ‘friend’ who just sky-dived in Maui, took macro pictures in Petra, ate scones in Central London or posed with the snow at Jungfrau? Do you sometimes feel that you would better off, unwired? Does it ever occur to you that everyone in the world is having more fun than you are? Are you bothered by the fact that the Gujarati boy in school who couldn’t speak a word of English and shied away from anything that…

October 3, 2012

Paradise Falls

I’ve lifted this video and the inspiration to this post off a friend’s blog.   How could I not.   There are love stories and then there are these.   Pixar has and continues to transport us into a world which we might never be able to visit with their imagination and belief in magic.   This part of the 2009 animation movie ‘Up’ is beyond words.   Eight minutes of living a dream. A mere possibilty that perfection might just be a thing of reality.   It reaffirms my belief that when you have the right company, the most traumatic of journeys become easy. There’s someone to watch your back and…

September 15, 2012

Everything Is Not Quite Enough

I want to drive myself to work. I want the car to have a stereo where I can play my junk music. I want to fit into regular people’s clothes. I want to live in London, for a while. I want to record a song. Something classical-based. I want to learn to ride a bicycle. I want it to rain for at least six months a year. I want to learn to play the cello. I want to figure out what foreign language I will learn. I want to be able to wear heels and walk in them. I want a cosy little apartment to call my own. I want a dog….