From May to May…

I can barely remember what I was feeling, this time last year. I recall a vague anxiety with a pinch of excitement. But that’s about it. But I know for sure that today marks a whole year of me moving away from home to live in the United States. A year that has been oddly educating and definitely humbling. I…missed being amidst loved ones during festivals, family dinners and important … Continue reading “From May to May…”

South African Sojourn

For years I have been intrigued by the largest and oldest inhabited continent on the planet, the melting pot of culture and civilization from time immemorial, the home to the wildest and the gentlest – Africa. The only time I have stepped in it was as a teenager, when my parents took me to Egypt, and I distinctly remember being stunned by all what it had to offer, even at … Continue reading “South African Sojourn”

Ebb & Flow

How I have missed walking barefoot on the beach Playing that familiar game with the ebb and flow Sand so warm and comforting Sea foam kissing my feet gently I could stay there forever Listening to the waves whisper Gazing out into the horizon Breathing in the salty air I will always love the sea.

Heaven in Helvetica

To be completely honest, while we were planning this trip, Switzerland was the place I was probably least excited about – but it happened to surprise me the most. In almost all the other countries, there were these elaborate lists of things to see – museums, galleries, rivers or just anything that made them stand out. In my head, Switzerland was the place where some Bollywood movies were shot, a … Continue reading “Heaven in Helvetica”


Today, my colleague Abdullah shared a video with me – he’s a big fan of Australian television shows and often sends me quirky and funny things to brighten my day.  All of us know of John Lennon’s Imagine. But this will take it to a different level altogether. After you watch this, I promise you will never not think of Emmanuel Kelly, when you hear the following lines: “Imagine there’s … Continue reading “Imagine…”

About Today

Today the sun is hidden behind a thick cloud cover. Today I’m thinking of driving away, with the wind in my hair. Today feels like the perfect day to lie in a hammock and sip at pink lemonade. Today, I want to call a friend and tell them I miss them. Today makes me think where I’d go if I could fly. Today I’m dreaming with eyes wide open. Today, … Continue reading “About Today”

Magic in the Mundane.

Do you ever think that social media might just be creeping into our minds sneakily and filing it with poisonous thoughts? Do you sigh quietly, looking at the very many albums of your Facebook ‘friend’ who just sky-dived in Maui, took macro pictures in Petra, ate scones in Central London or posed with the snow at Jungfrau? Do you sometimes feel that you would better off, unwired? Does it ever … Continue reading “Magic in the Mundane.”