Oprah Winfrey once said, and I would like to quote and edit:  “If friends people disappoint you over and over, that’s in large part your own fault. Once someone has shown a tendency to be self-centered indifferent, you need to recognize that and take care of yourself; people aren’t going to change simply because you want them to.” As I grow older, I see people drifting apart, little by little. Some friends … Continue reading “(Untitled)”

To You…

To you who feels too much, loves too much, gives too much – I’m proud of you To you who is moved too easily, falls in love too easily, believes what you’re told – Thank you for your faith in mankind To you who knowingly lets someone get away with a lie, who performs random acts of kindness, who shares your last penny – I am on your side To … Continue reading “To You…”


What have you got on them? What have they got on you? It’s all about the leverage The right kind of pressure Those perfect words So easy to get wound in them Spin a little story And dream through rose-tinted glasses You must know when to step on the gas Then in an instant, tug on the reigns Change in a moment’s notice The toughest part is to convince oneself … Continue reading “Leverage”

Grown Ups

I’ve been thinking about growing up.  It was so much simpler in our time… Small joys and smaller expectations. Pagers and facsimile instead of cell phones and email.  Smaller rooms.  More affection.  Last night I was asked to go to one of those get-togethers that are organised by the cultural enthusiasts here. I’ve successfully avoided them for over a year and a half, but this time I was sent an … Continue reading “Grown Ups”

Cura te ipsum

Call it a coincidence or some twisted kind of deja vu, for the past couple of days I was thinking of conversations – and today I came across this post from my favourite anonymous blogger.  There is so much talk in these times. More so, because it is so convenient. Pick up the phone, text, buzz on an instant messenger or even email. All too easy.  As days go by, … Continue reading “Cura te ipsum”


|| कौन कहता है की दूरियों ने कभी है प्यार को बढ़ाया यहाँ तोह तन्हाइयों का समा घर कर गया उम्र भर हमने जो महफ़िल थी सजाई पलक झपकते ही बंजर जहाँ बन गया || || काश ख़ामोशियों को किसी ने ज़ुबान दी होती वोह भी दे पाती हमें कोई वजह की चुप क्यूँ वोह हमेशा रहती जब आती कोई रूह से सदा || || की अजीब हैं कितनी ये आँखेन तुम्हारी हर … Continue reading “लम्हा”

Skipping Stones

Sitting by a quiet stream Hearing it gurgle while it trips over the pebbles Watching the Sun dip lower Eyes set on the horizon Mind fixed onto some distant thought Letting go of one worry after another, with each skipping stone Seeing them bounce away and sink to the depths Never to come back again.