The beginning of the end

This blog has been close to extinction.
However, a lecture at college today about social media, by a professional from IABS left me rejuvenated.
I am back at Pune, at the beginning of the very end of my course.
This time in Kolkata was a complete vacation. Most of the time I would find myself on the easy chair facing the new Sony Bravia, poring over the Calcutta Times, attempting to identify the movies on TV. There I would sit myself down with food and drink till it was night.
An extremely uneventful internship, and a cousin’s wedding made up the two months which whooshed away without my knowledge. It is always surprising how this happens only while one is at home, and at peace.
The coming back this time, however, was non-teary, punctuated by text messages from my father who repeatedly reminded me that it was just these 4 months more. This semester seems to be passing with more difficulty as of now. It bothers me very much when I cannot see where I am going to go next. Although, I know what I want, I cannot see how I can get there. At this point in time, I am not ready to compromise, or settle for anything lesser than I deserve.
Amongst all this madness, an amazing occurance.
Ever since the last relationship, I had lost all faith in relationships which run long distance, and endure by means of gtalk, skype and over the telephone.
There is this girl who is the roommate of a friend. She has been seeing this Brazilian guy for over the last semester. Most of the time I would find her glued to her phone, with a disgruntled expression. Several times I have wanted to tell her that this might not be the best thing for her; given their differences, in time and everything else. This boy came to see her in Pune. From Brazil. The sight of him standing in our campus made me so happy, that it was beyond expression. Inside me, a faith had died long ago, that sometimes life can just become close to fiction. And people just do these silly, out of the world things for other people. I feel like a believer again. Some day I will thank him for that.
I look out of my window, and see a bright red glow. Almost as though the dry grass there were on fire. It is a newly installed Symbiosis neon sign. All the money in this university goes into all the wrong places and purposes.
Far Away by Nickelback. Amazing Track.
I am random.