Whenever I was asked the casual “So, where are you from?” question, I found myself debating the answer in my head. Should I say Calcutta, where I was born? Or is it Oman, where I spent over two decades? Eventually, I always launch into a lengthy explanation which probably made the person asking the question immediately regret it! Ha. The beautiful, yet relatively undiscovered Sultanate I grew up in is … Continue reading “Ma’salama”


This has happened to me before.  The getting overtly attached to people and places.  Watching them inch away and stare helplessly. And then doing it all over again.  In the past two years, TV series have sort of replaced my social life.  The characters have become friends – faces that I look forward to seeing everyday.  I laughed aloud at their silly pranks. And sobbed quietly when they hurt and … Continue reading “Euphoria…”

Nobody says goodbye

Nobody says goodbye anymore. Everyone just seems to disappear silently. They drift away quietly into the distance. There is not even an explanation to why you don’t talk anymore. You are just left hanging there with all these questions in your mind. And it hurts the most because these are the goodbyes that were never said. Nobody ever says goodbye anymore. People just leave with no warning. I came across … Continue reading “Nobody says goodbye”


See a drop of blood darken the snow Stare at a blinking light for hours Sit by the phone that never rings Stow away all the boxes Build a home with pillars of sawdust Make sure the floor is quicksand Slap the walls with posters of faith And then, paint the front door red Place your hand on the pulsating speaker Scream as loud as you can  Submerge yourself in … Continue reading “Cryptex.”

The Lonely VCR

Remember video cassettes? Before floppy drives, CDs, DVDs and external hard drives, those little black boxes contained people’s entire worlds. Mine as well. As I disposed of over 50 of them a few days ago, I was fondly reminded of how important they used to be to me.  TV recordings of Disney Hour, numerous animated movies – from Cinderalla to Chip ‘N’ Dale to the Asterix series, taping of documentaries … Continue reading “The Lonely VCR”

Let It Be Me

I was just spending another afternoon watching one of my favourite television series – Criminal Minds. Those who think of it to be full of violence and meaningless bloodshed couldn’t be more wrong. The core of the series is the people. As it is in life. The friendships, the laughter, the things they say to each other while they try to get through their lives. As it happens with the … Continue reading “Let It Be Me”

Time Of Our Lives

To think of it, seems like only yesterday that I walked into the office of a rather unknown firm – a R & PM Edelman. I had never heard of them, not before I had begun organising internships for my public relations batch at college. By the end of the college year, in a whirl, I had interviewed with them, got selected and chose Gurgaon as a desired geography. Although … Continue reading “Time Of Our Lives”

The beginning of the end

This blog has been close to extinction. However, a lecture at college today about social media, by a professional from IABS left me rejuvenated. I am back at Pune, at the beginning of the very end of my course. This time in Kolkata was a complete vacation. Most of the time I would find myself on the easy chair facing the new Sony Bravia, poring over the Calcutta Times, attempting … Continue reading “The beginning of the end”